40 ways to say I love you

40 ways to say I love you

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Love is a verb; let me count the ways . . .

When you love someone, you show your devotion and affection through actions, otherwise the person of interest will not know your feelings. Even animals show their love for their people. Our cats will purr and rub against me, clearly claiming me. Sometimes breaking away from their display can be difficult since they are so intent on their showing. Cats do things on their terms so if you leave the area, then they often do not follow. Dogs, on the other hand, will not let you out of sight. Our dog shows her affection by wiggling around in excitement, beating the floor or wall with her furious wagging, howling if we are out of sight and have left her behind, or pushing her nose or paw on us to be petted, usually done when we are busy.

According to the Farlex dictionary, love is a strong feeling of affection or concern toward another person, as that arising from kinship or close friendship. What are some ways that people show their love?

There are five love languages: service, affirmation, touch, time, and gifts. Often our love languages are different than that of our loved one’s which can cause hurt feelings. If you speak in service, but your loved one speaks in affirmation, communication can get misunderstood. If you speak in time, but the other person speaks in gifts, one might think the gifts are nice, but feel sad because they want the gift of doing something together over the gift of jewelry.

Here is a list I started of ways that people show love through everyday tasks and actions. Some of these responsibilities are done daily and are done not because we find them great fun, but because by doing them we show that we care. When we help each other, we are showing concern, affection, unity, and teamwork. If we neglect these, anger, frustration, or feelings of desertion may crop up which are the opposite of love. What can you add to it?

1. Earning money to pay expenses.
2. Cooking meals.
3. Doing laundry.
4. Cleaning the house.
5. Paying the bills.
6. Tending the lawn and garden.
7. Fixing broken items.
8. Unplugging the toilet or sink.
9. Taking care of you when you are sick.
10. Letting you sleep in.
11. Shopping for groceries and household necessities.
12. Chauffeuring kids around to activities.
13. Going out to eat.
14. Taking a walk or bike ride (skating, skiing, etc.) together.
15. Maintaining vehicles and house. (Changing light bulbs, cleaning vents, fixing the internet or television or exercise machine, etc.)
16. Sitting and talking.
17. Watching a movie or television program or sporting event.
18. Doing something they’d rather not do but will because it makes the other person happy. (Example: taking more photos.)
19. Hugging or holding hands.
20. Giving massage.
21. Buying something because you think the person would like it or could use it.
22. Buying clothes and shoes because you think the person would love them.
23. Writing a letter or email.
24. Texting just because you are thinking of them.
25. Leaving notes in the lunchbox or suitcase.
26. Sharing a book or magazine article that you think would be of interest.
27. Baking a special treat or meal.
28. Giving you time to do something you enjoy.
29. Sharing something humorous.
30. Going to the doctor with you.
31. Helping with schoolwork or projects.
32. Letting you have the last treat.
33. Turning up the heat.
34. Getting up early or staying up late.
35. Changing your schedule.
36. Praying.
37. Forgiving.
38. Doing something difficult together.
39. Sharing what you are thankful for and what you love about each other.
40. Reminiscing.

If we are feeling unloved, it might be because we aren’t speaking the same language, but if we investigate in how we spend time or look at someone’s motivation, try to see the other’s perspective, then perhaps the tell-tale signs will speak volumes. Including each language throughout the month doesn’t hurt.

When it comes right down to it, you spend time with the ones you love and if you can’t, you let them know you are thinking of them through a note or a telephone call. You are thoughtful and remember certain dates are important or remember something they said to show you were listening. Love isn’t usually a big spectacle. It’s usually a lot of little things.

How do you say, “I love you”?

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  1. I make him the meal(s) he loves most, even if it takes a lot of time, like making homemade noodles or dinner rolls.

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