5 benefits of homeschooling

5 benefits of homeschooling

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If you have ever educated your children at home, you know it is hard but rewarding work. Here are a few perks about homeschooling for those considering this educational alternative.

1. Your children are close friends. They play, share books, and talk. They care about each other and miss each other when they are separated. They are excited to see each other and share news or jokes or stories or projects. They help each other and make treats or surprises for each other. They advise and encourage as well. Yes, sometimes there is a disagreement, but for the most part, they have a secure bond because they live life together and learn together.

2. Your children have a strong foundation in your faith. We incorporate Bible study and Scripture memorization into our daily school routine. That’s one class where when we dig deep, I learn right along with them. Hiding God’s Word in your heart is a blessing at every age. This is the most important part of the day, in my opinion. We can take as much time as needed in research to find answers.

3. Your children learn that prayer is an important and essential part of the day, a skill honed and improved through use, and one that is done throughout the day, almost without ceasing.

4. Field trips can be family time. Occasionally, Dad or grandparents have been able to join us on a field trip. The children get excited about this. It’s like a mini-learning vacation. Often we bring a picnic with. We don’t have to rush to get home which allows for spending more time at the destination if desired.

5. Schedules may be flexible. While I prefer to have appointments after school hours so we get our lessons finished, if necessary we can work around appointments. This year, my youngest did some of her lessons in the hospital as we stayed with Grandma who had cataract surgery. Piano lessons have been scheduled at various hours in the day over the years. If we need to take longer for a lesson, we have the luxury to do so. If we should finish early for some reason, we may do something fun. If a friend has a special talent he or she can share, we can incorporate that into our day. I’ve had friends help with science labs, woodworking, sewing, and writing poetry. They love sharing their gifts with enthusiastic students.

These are just five that come to mind. There are other benefits. What are some you have discovered?

Happy homeschooling!

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  1. This reminds me of all the reasons I want to homeschool in the future! My husband was homeschooled and his mom arranged their schedule so he could help his grandpa in his rental business to learn hands on skills and now, as a result my husband is very very handy and knows a great deal about heating and cooling, electrical, plumbing, and construction. He would not have had that opportunity in public school!

    1. It sounds like he was able to get a good head start on job skills, in addition to having a special time with his grandfather–a great combination! I’m super excited for you as your mother-in-law will be a great resource for knowledge and a source for encouragement. Enjoy those precious babies. The years go by so fast. Thanks for sharing!

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