God still speaks

God still speaks

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Within a week of writing last week’s blog, some interesting and exciting events occurred. God is speaking and directing in our lives. Let me explain what happened.

After feeling discouraged and questioning myself for a while, I awoke that Sunday with an idea to write about the many gifts and talents the Lord provides for people. Each person has at least one gift or talent. I jotted down notes that filled my head including several verses to look up. Since I am constantly getting ideas at odd times, I keep a pad of paper nearby and jot them down as they occur so I don’t forget them later. I scribbled my notes and went to get dressed for church. I didn’t think about it anymore.

Then after Sunday school, a lady approached me, clutching a photocopied column that I had written in 2002. She showed me where it was smudged and asked if I had the original. Yes, I do have the originals. I have file drawers full of clips. Since it wasn’t dated, I had to do some digging, but I found it and made her new copies.

I had asked God if anyone was helped by what I write. I was feeling very small and unnoticed and dared to question the worth of my offerings which are first to God, and then to readers. Here, He showed me that there are people who still value copies of what I had written years ago.

He also reminded me of a time when my sister and I were biking and I got a flat tire. The woman who assisted us by letting me pump my tire at her house recognized me from my column which I had written years ago and told me she still had one particular one taped to her refrigerator. It seemed God was telling me that He knows my readers so I don’t have to worry so much.

Later in the service, we had a guest pastor speaking. I couldn’t believe it. He was preaching about the many gifts and talents we have, using the very verses that had come to my mind just a few hours earlier. I was humbled and excited. That random thought—as incredible as it seems—was God speaking to me. “Hey, I want you to write about this.” And so I will. I couldn’t have a more apparent confirmation.

That week, I also received encouraging blog comments and an encouraging email from a subscriber who shared my blog with someone she thought was searching for just such a piece.

Gratefulness fills me. I am glad that He quietly nudges and says, “Hey, do you remember asking me if this matters?”

Yes, it does matter. Very much. So, friend, be encouraged. Pay attention. Ask! Know He will answer. He may answer in an idea, in a Scripture you read, in a sermon or song you hear, in an article or book you read, through a friend, or through complete strangers.

At times if you feel discouraged, hang on. He is listening even if you don’t feel it. He hears us all and cares. God is very much alive and He loves us. What we do matters to Him. What we write, say, or do, He can use. I will try not to get so concerned about the results, but leave them in His capable hands. All He asks of us is obedience. He’ll take care of the rest. Praise God for that! Thanks for letting me share.

Do you have an answered prayer you’d like to share with us?

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  1. How exciting, Michelle! Isn’t our God gracious? He once prompted a Facebook acquaintance to pray for me when I was grieving the possible loss of my sister to cancer. I’d told no one of my thoughts and feelings, not even my husband. It was so encouraging to realize He is Jehovah Roi, the God who sees what we need.

    1. He is! Thanks for sharing your wonderful testimony, Mary! I love that God did that for you. It is so encouraging to us all because He knows our needs and hears our desperate cries. When we realize that He has heard, it strengthens us and helps us to persevere, doesn’t it? 🙂 I hope your sister is doing better.

    1. Thanks for taking time to comment! You are welcome. I need lots of reminders to bolster my courage when I forget. I used to think how crazy it was that the Israelites were forgetting all the miracles that they witnessed when I realized I do the same thing when I start worrying about something and forgetting how He has taken care of everything in my past. I’m still hoping some day I’ll have the faith of a mustard seed so I can move “mountains”. I’m grateful for God’s mercies on this journey.

  2. Love this, Michelle! And it’s so encouraging. This writing life can be so disheartening at times as we’re writing and wondering if are being read, and if they are read, are they making any kind of impact at all. Thank you for the reminder that we are making a difference. We might just never know what impact we made until we meet Jesus.

    1. Thanks, Brenda! You are right. There are so many days when we question if what we do matters. Since we might not know what impact we have until we meet Jesus, it’s important to persevere and to encourage each other. I need to remind myself to do what I can and leave the rest to Him, because without Him, I really can’t do anything. Persevere!

  3. Michelle, as you know, I was feeling very down because three of the publications I had written for for years, ceased publication. I was still trying to be obedient to God and write new devotions, but they just were not working. Then, I realized (God speaking) that I was still trying to write for the old publications. I need to study new ones and write according to their guidelines. Now I’m feeling WAY UP. Thank You, Jesus.

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