Gratitude encourages amidst trials

Gratitude encourages amidst trials

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Because it is Thanksgiving, I want to take a moment to share some of the things I thanked God for in the last few months.

Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:18

First, on September 21, 2018, my husband hit a deer and smashed up the Kia. The repair bill came in just under $5,000. Thankfully, he wasn’t hurt. Although I whine about how much we spend on insurances of all kinds, when we need it, it takes care of us and gets us back to operating again in a timely fashion. I am thankful for God’s provision.

Soon after, on September 28, 2018, as my son traveled home from a job site in Minnesota, the trailer he was hauling got a wobbling wheel. A couple pulled up alongside him on the interstate to alert him of the problem. A bearing had gone bad. By the time he got it to a repair shop, he had had to stop to pour water on the smoking wheel. There was not much holding it together.  I am thankful for the following: observant drivers who cared and let him know about a very dangerous situation; for God, who hears my prayers for my children each day; and for my son returning home safely.

Then on October 7, 2018, we celebrated the life of my brother-in-law, Ron, who passed away April 5. Ron, a kind man, loved in word and deed. I never heard him complain or say anything negative about anyone.  Through his  patience, my son learned about hunting and gun safety.

Next, I am thankful for sons and husband with strong muscles. Because I didn’t make a proper compost contraption, I had a mulch pile that wasn’t decaying fast enough. For this reason, I asked my eldest to remember his boyhood enthusiasm for digging holes. Although tired from helping others earlier with heavy chores, he bent to the task and within minutes had a good sized trench dug in the garden. My husband joined in and made another hole. We had that eyesore pile buried in no time. The smoothed over soil in the garden looked pretty. I know the area will be richer come spring.

Another blessing involved my writing. Since I couldn’t afford to attend a writing conference, I registered for an online conference. By the conclusion of the four days of classes, I felt excited, encouraged, and energized. How wonderful it is to experience new hope. I am thankful to those who contributed to teaching and organizing the event. Belonging to two writing groups offers me educational and networking opportunities. Many years ago, a man blessed me with a full scholarship to my first writing conference where I learned about these organizations. His generosity led me to get involved in areas I hadn’t been aware of before. Because of these, I made new friends. I am also thankful for the encouragement that God sends my way right when I need it.

Finally, I will end with a milestone. My husband and I celebrated our 30th anniversary this year. We spent a day in Lake Geneva on a boat tour of the expensive, historical homes along its shore. We don’t often splurge on a special date like that. I am thankful for the years we have had and look forward to many more. I am thankful for his love, support, and encouragement, and for our five precious children in the home we have made together.

What are some of your moments of gratitude? Please share as it encourages us all as we face each day with its joys and troubles. Have a happy Thanksgiving!



Photo by Zac Durant on Unsplash.

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  1. Wow…what an eventful end of year it’s been for you. It’s encouraging to look for the blessings in spite of the obstacles, but not always easy to do. Thanks for the reminders to look beyond the surface to God’s care.

  2. Michelle, one that has to be near the top of my list is that I have now been cancer-free for twenty years. Thank You, Thank You, Jesus!!!

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