Make eliminating poisons your New Year’s resolution

Make eliminating poisons your New Year’s resolution

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I love new calendars–they’re like a clean slate. On my new calendar, I like to pencil in my appointments and goals. The first of the year and the month we return to school are two times of the year that I use to reevaluate my goals, though I do try to assess them each month because some projects must be carried over while others might be eliminated. Many people like to set resolutions in the new year. One goal that inevitably comes up is a way to improve myself or my life. One way to improve life is to eliminate poisons, which can take many forms.

Our body is like a fine tuned machine. If something gets out of sync, it can set a destructive process in motion. I learned that when our body doesn’t properly eliminate its poisons, they accumulate and can make us sick, even kill us. If our body is missing the proper level of some vitamin or mineral, it can do the same thing. This is why it is so important to drink enough water, eat the right foods, exercise, and avoid letting harmful products into our bodies.

Each person is made up of three parts: the body, soul, and spirit. We need to take care of each part to be healthy.

Like our physical body, if our soul (mind) and spirit aren’t fed, we can feel that things aren’t right. We just aren’t happy. It is important to keep our mind fed with healthy, good things. We can monitor what movies and television programs we watch, what books we read, what music we listen to, and what people we let influence us. Are our thoughts positive or negative? If they are negative, we had better check what’s coming in.

If we let a lot of violence in through the media, it is likely that we have tougher, less merciful attitudes toward life, and it will show in how we act and what we say. For example, we might think certain activities are the norm, when in fact they aren’t. They are just portrayed that way on television to be more dramatic and eye catching.

If we hang around people who rarely have nice things to say, we may be getting pessimistic and feeling there is no hope, no purpose. These are unhealthy misconceptions, as well.

Our spirit is fed by worshiping God and by spending time with Him through reading the Bible and through prayer. Are we feeding our spirits?

Sometimes we let junk get into our systems. It might not seem like a big deal at first, but the longer it festers in us, the stinkier our life gets. Soon, we feel like things are out of control, and we don’t know what to do. If we feel this way, we need to get rid of the junk. It’s poisoning us.

It’s true. If we only let healthy, positive things into our life and resist the bad stuff, we will be happier, healthier, and more fun to be around.

Sometimes if something isn’t right with our spiritual side or our soul, it can manifest itself in our physical body. If the doctor checks us out, and all the tests come back normal, but we still feel like someone beat us up, we need to check out the other parts of ourselves.

Oftentimes, these self-examinations can be tough, and we’ll need someone to help us through it. Don’t worry about needing somebody. Everybody needs somebody. If we deny this fact, we’ll only feel miserable longer.

Dump the poisons. Ask God to help.

When we are set free from people and things that poison us, we will feel happier and healthier, and that is how life was meant to be.

Sometimes when we’re detoxing from the poisons in our body and life, it can be painful, but hang in there. Making changes takes time. Sometimes there are setbacks, but the final result of feeling better is always worth it. It is better to tackle one or two goals at a time, or we will feel overwhelmed and give up. Remember it takes a few months to cement in a new habit.

What poison would you like to eliminate this year, or what is a goal you want to tackle first?

Happy 2017!

10 Replies to “Make eliminating poisons your New Year’s resolution”

  1. Wow. A lot of truths in that…and so hard to have the determination and willpower to make positive choices when we know we should. I applaud you 🙂

    1. It’s always hard to make changes so that is why I think it is so important to have support from someone, and to make a change in steps so that it is more manageable. Otherwise, if you’re like me, you get discouraged and don’t move forward as you would like.

  2. I love all the aspects you bring to our attention. On the self-improvement note, last year I read not to make NY’s resolutions, but pick a theme word. I picked ‘strong’, and I must say, for the most part I do feel stronger, largely in part due to removing many of the poisons you mention and putting in the better stuff. Great blog, Michelle.

      1. For 2017 my first thought of a word is deeper. Deeper mostly with God in trust and peace especially and because the last few years have been a lot of what Meredith Andrews sings in her song “Deeper”.

  3. “Sometimes we let junk get into our systems. It might not seem like a big deal at first, but the longer it festers in us, the stinkier our life gets.” I love that line. It is so true. At times it seems impossible to keep everything in tune, but we still need to work at it. Great blog, Michelle.

    1. Thanks, Donna. I liked that line too. We all just do our best to meet our goals, and when we fail or have setbacks, to pick ourselves up and keep working ahead. It’s always good to have friends who encourage us along the way also.

  4. When I made changes in my life last year I found myself VERY emotional during the eliminating toxins phase. I believe my body & mind were so accustomed to certain toxins that they were being used as coping strategies. Without them, I was a bit lost for a period of time. Its difficult to learn new methods but with determination and desire, its possible.

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