Many girls will relate to Bird Face series

Many girls will relate to Bird Face series

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Cynthia Toney has two great novels for teen girls.

In 8 Notes to a Nobody, Toney realistically captures what it feels like to be in junior high, wrestling with discovering who you are and finding where you fit. Wendy has to work through some of her own problems and insecurities while addressing some tough issues that her classmates struggle through. I like how Wendy finds her courage to do what is right for herself and for others and how she grows and is blessed by her decisions.

In 10 Steps to Girlfriend Status, the story is realistic as Wendy deals with adjusting to a new family situation since her mom remarries, deals with the fears and emotions of discovering someone she loves has Alzheimer’s, and works through the issues teens face with their peers and dating. I especially liked how the mystery she is solving helps her work through her current stressful boy situation. Seeing how Wendy grows through her trials to become a more confidant young woman who knows what she wants is satisfying. The novel’s hints of romance and surprises will keep readers turning the pages. What Wendy learns at the end is the most important and life changing lesson many females wish they’d discovered earlier.

While the second book is the next in the series, it isn’t necessary to have read the first book first.


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