Murder mystery is entertaining read

Murder mystery is entertaining read

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It has been 12 years since one of Elaine’s students disappeared on a class field trip and her life went spiraling down in shame and lost confidence. One day, she and her detective husband were discussing her upcoming birthday over breakfast when she discovered a clue to the unsolved case while skimming the newspaper.

There were so many questions surrounding the case because a body was never found and certain people seemed to want the case buried. Could the student still be alive? Her husband’s renewed probing stirs up trouble. He solved the case, but the cost may have been too high for Elaine, especially now that she cannot find the evidence he has left hidden on a disk, and someone seems to want her dead. Innocent people are being hurt so the pressure is on for her to find it to solve the mystery.

If you enjoy mysteries, I’m sure you will enjoy the recently released Pendant, a quick, intense novel by M. L. Hamilton.

For most of the story, we are in Elaine’s point of view; however, short chapters interspersed throughout get us into the mind of the killer, which leaves us feeling a bit alarmed when Elaine doesn’t recognize the danger she is in. From the start, Hamilton’s story is fast paced. Of course there are chapters when the story within the story helps us slow down just enough to catch our breath before the next complication.

The story is set in Chicago, Illinois, and in Waco, Texas. I like that Elaine is a lady we might know in our own neighborhood, reacting to what life is throwing at her much like I imagine many of us might react. The story made me think about corruption in some of our most trusted agencies and how careful we should be with familiar people whom we may not really know as well as we think we do. I also liked how she wrapped up the story. Despite troubling circumstances or difficult or devastating situations, people may still take away something good from it that can bless others.

I liked the assisted care living resident who prayed and planted seeds of hope for Elaine as she took on an alias. The descriptions of all the characters were well rounded and believable. Hamilton’s gift of writing allowed me to be immersed in the story, seeing the events played out in my imagination.

For more information about Hamilton and her books, visit This would make a great Christmas present for the book lover on your list. I purchased my copy on Amazon. (My teen daughter also loved this book.)

Happy reading!

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    1. I know that not everyone enjoys mysteries. 🙂 Thanks for encouraging me on my book reviews. 🙂

      Since Pendant is written by a Christian author, there isn’t anything morbid going on. I wouldn’t want to read any horrific accounts of murder either. 🙂 The idea of a child being kidnapped and murdered (which is on the news occasionally) is scary enough. We pick up the story 12 years after the incident. I liked rooting for justice. 🙂

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