One Gift, One Child rescues orphans in Haiti

One Gift, One Child rescues orphans in Haiti

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President Reagan proclaimed Sanctity of Life Sunday to be the nearest Sunday to the original January 22 date. This year, it was January 20.

On this day, we often turn our thoughts to ways to protect the unborn or elderly. I would like to continue our discussion of last week and talk about those among us who have no voice. This week, I want to bring to your attention One Gift One Child, a ministry in Haiti that seeks to “prevent orphans, rescue, redeem, and re-integrate orphans into a family”.

One Gift One Child stands in the gap for the orphaned and abused. The ministry belongs to Pierre and Natalie Charlotin, friends whom I admire for they show me the amazing things God does through them through their faithful walk each day. Reading their social media posts and newsletters often brings me to tears.

Here is a couple who truly shows love to others in some of the most difficult circumstances in an oppressed, poor, and war-torn country.


Love in action

They love girls through the healing of rape and prostitution to become bearers of Christ’s love to others. They love disabled children and show their families their incredible worth. Love is a difficult gift to give when death lurks nearby to steal them away or a child seems unable to communicate or bond back. Yet, they persevere through these trials and grief because love is what life is about when we get right down to it. Jesus asks us to love others.

Natalie said at a recent talk she gave about the ministry that Jesus asks us to love others for however long we know them, whether for an hour, a day, a week, a month, a year, a lifetime.

“Our job is to love these children back into the Kingdom,” the Charlotins said. These children include people of all ages.

When someone dies, that doesn’t mean that their story ends. Their story continues in the lives of those left behind who have been blessed by knowing the one who has gone on to be with Jesus.


Love transforms

Love includes respecting others. Through words and actions, the Charlotins reach out to the toughest in their neighborhood, gang leaders and members. They also rescue those abandoned in hospitals and on the street. Orphans are rescued from corrupt orphanages. Lives are transformed from feelings of hopelessness to smiles and laughter. Even the least among us can love us back in some form if we reach out to them first and demonstrate. After all, love is something everybody needs. With love, healing begins and lives can thrive.

Along with their support staff, they provide physical therapy, employment and support for mothers of disabled children, parenting classes, counseling and transition, community children’s ministry, community outreach, church worship services, and much more.

Their ministry is living proof that our actions make a difference one person at a time.


How you can help

For more information or to contribute to their cause, please visit or Facebook: One Gift, One Child. You may also email for more information at

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  1. Truly a couple with a God given gift. I have put the Charlotins and the children on my prayer list, and will do what I can for them. Them for sharing their need.

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