Romance novel addresses true beauty

Romance novel addresses true beauty

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Outward beauty is praised in our culture. Skin products, clothes, diet plans, and exercise programs are among the many items used to bombard us with what some call beauty. Such concentration causes problems with self-esteem and sometimes health for all the people who cannot live up to such an ideal. The media portrays an image of perfection when there is no such thing. Such harmful thinking is subtly addressed in Brenda Anderson’s recent romance novel, Capturing Beauty.

In this novel, the heroine, Callie, must overcome her fears of being photographed and overcome her own prejudices about beauty even as she wrestles with her feelings of inferiority and plainness in a world of beautiful people. She learns from those she thinks are more beautiful that they have value outside of a pretty face or spectacular physique.

The characters in this novel also wrestle with guilt, addictions, restoration of broken relationships, reestablishing visitation rights, misunderstandings because of miscommunication and assumptions, honesty, and trust. Callie’s fear of being photographed and the root problem also addresses the long-term effects of bullies.

The scenic beauty of nature and all living creatures are included in the story as well.

Anderson does a nice job developing her characters. There is a bit of mystery because one wants to know why Mandy, Callie’s best friend, is being such a stinker in allowing her son to see his father, Haven, without Callie’s chaperoning the visits. There is a surprise element when the reason is revealed which finally makes Haven step up to do what he should have done a long time ago. I imagined the story playing out in my mind clearly and felt the rising tensions between hero and heroine as their attractions increase, and they figure out what is best for everyone involved.

It’s a sweet romance and a quick read.

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  1. Thanks for the review of “Capturing Beauty”, Michelle. It sounds like a wonderful story all the way around, and there is no way we can hear about all these great books unless someone, like you, does a review of them.

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