Spreading blame backfires

Spreading blame backfires

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You know that you have small children in your home if . . .

• You notice that there are raisins on your table, and you set out chocolate covered raisins.
• You notice your walls are gray three feet from the floor instead of white, and no matter how much you scrub, it keeps recurring.
• You find squares of toilet paper throughout the house, and when you ask why it was done, you hear, “It’s pretty,” or “Look how this floats”.
• You ask what the magic word is, and you are told it is “word” not “please”.
• All your pots are being used as helmets, and all the lids are being used as cymbals, and when the home band plays, it gets quite noisy.
• And most importantly, when someone is hurt or something is broken, you learn that “Ididntdoit” did it, or, as in my case, “Nano did it.”

I still haven’t learned to not ask, “Who did this!!??” Whether Nathanial did it or not doesn’t matter because Tyler will blame him. Of course, recently when Pat asked Nathanial if he had thrown toy food all over the living room, Nathanial said he NEVER did such a thing. Pat’s response was, “He did it. Whenever he says he never did anything, it always ends up he did it.” I wonder if Nathanial will quit saying never.

Tyler, on the other hand, sometimes says his name is “Nano,” and whenever there is a guilty party he will say, “Naughty Nano did it.” So whether he did it himself, or it was his brother, one is never quite sure until they look at the evidence.

This brings me to the evidence of who ate the chocolate off the raisins. “Nano” did it, of course. Tyler had the chocolate around his lips to prove it.

Anyway, if you see Ididntdoit, have him stop by my house to pick up these tissue squares, wash the walls, and join our band. Word.

This Reflections column is reprinted in honor of the birthday boys.

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