Talking to pets, plants, cars leads to gratitude

Talking to pets, plants, cars leads to gratitude

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A Facebook friend asked if anyone talked to her pets. Talk to your pets? Why keep it just to your pets, I wanted to know. I talk to pets, plants, and vehicles. That may be strange, I suppose, but this habit leads to affection which leads to gratitude.


Talking to animals

Sometimes I even yell at birds, raccoons, deer, or squirrels that cross me on the road. “Get out of the way! What are you thinking?” As if they are going to answer me. And I always apologize if I accidentally take a life.

But back to our pets—they get full range of conversations. Our dog sleeps on my new throw rug in front of the sink. If I’m in a happy mood, I’ll say, “Excuse me, Cocoa, but I have to wash the dishes.” If I’m in a grouchy mood, I’ll say, “Get off my rug. I need to use the sink.” Sometimes I’m sarcastic, especially if she can’t decide whether she wants to be inside or outside.

I have conversations with the cats. They don’t actually say anything back, though sometimes one might tap me with a paw or start purring. I demand to know who left a hairball or spilled the water. Of course, I tell them how pretty or handsome they are.

I interrogate our pets, coo over our pets, even baby talk with our pets. I am a firm believer that one communicates with those she loves.


Talking to plants

But talk to plants, you say? Uh, well, yes. I will tell a plant how pretty it looks when I douse it with water. Or if I’m protecting my plant from my leaf eating cat, I will explain my plan of protection as I stack stuff around it to deter nibbles or chomps that will kill my plant. My plant eater has eaten my shamrock down to the nubs, but miraculously, it has come back. It must be because I told it how much I admired it and how disgusted I was that I’d failed in my duty. My amaryllis, Spike, gets the most talking to though because Spike has been chewed up three times by said cat. I tell Spike how beautiful its leaves are and how much I am looking forward to a flower this year. I’m still waiting on the flower. But, hey, like I said, I talk to those I love and have invested in.


Talking to vehicles

So speaking of investments, that brings me to our vehicles. We keep our cars until they fail to start or start leaving oil trails on the road and making noises that suggest the end is near. We put it off until we fear being stranded. That’s just how tight we are—I mean how much we care about our vehicle friends.

Our sons started naming their cars. I guess that’s what young men do. So not to be left out, I started naming our cars. Of course Kia is named Kia. Ha ha. You get the idea what the others are named. . . the Mitsubishi is named Mitzy. . . and the Plymouth van is called, Van. Ha ha. But I always thank God for keeping the vehicles operating and getting us to where we need to go safely. And when I’m walking through the garage, I’ll give one a tap on the hood and tell it how thankful I am for its dependability.

Whatever my reasons for envisioning a personality, I am thankful for the companionship, beauty, and service of each. And I do believe the Bible says to be thankful in all circumstances so if talking to pets, plants, and vehicles helps me to voice such thoughts, well, that can’t be all bad. Now, if I say they talk back—then you might be right to be concerned. LOL

Do you talk to your pets, plants or vehicles?


10 Replies to “Talking to pets, plants, cars leads to gratitude”

  1. Guilty of all charges. haha! We used to name our cars when I was growing up. The Green Dragon, Esther (after its previous owner), Cream Puff, and my very first car was named Benson.

    1. Your comment made me smile, Mary! What interesting names. You are much more creative with your names of vehicles than I am. LOL I bet the stories behind the names are quite intriguing. 🙂 Thanks for sharing! Have a great week.

  2. Michelle, you made me laugh. I love your post, and your humor. I don’t always see that in you. As for talking to pets, plants and cars, well, I talk to our dog. His name is Maxmillian Haven, because Lynn’s heritage is part German, but we call him Max. I do not talk to my plants. I have another friend who talks to her plants, though, and all of her plants are beautiful, so maybe I should start doing that. I don’t talk to the car. I guess I will have to think about that one. LOL

  3. Yes, of course, I talk to Sylvester and Harrison every time I see them! Not my plants so much, and my car only if I need to coax it through rough roads or if something isn’t working correctly.

  4. I talk to Peanut and Ellie all day long. They are my faithful dogs and I can’t even go to the bathroom without them, or so they think…lol. As for my plants, I used to, and think i should again since they aren’t doing as well since hubby took over caring for them. My cars are all Bessie. Very original, I know…lol. the only time they get a talking to is when they misbehave. Thanks for the laughs.

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