7 Ways to Incorporate Christmas in Curriculum

7 Ways to Incorporate Christmas in Curriculum

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Here are seven easy ways to incorporate Christmas into your school curriculum. You can begin the Monday after Thanksgiving, and go until the start of your Christmas break.

Memorize Christmas story

The first is to memorize the Christmas Story. This is one that you build upon year after year. You’ll be pleased that your children will remember years after you quit reciting it together. The first year, recite Luke 2:1-7. As that is memorized, add Luke 2:8-20.

The second year, reread last year’s section and add to it Matthew 1:18-25.

The third year, spend a week seeing what you remember from before and then work on Matthew 2:1-12.

The fourth year, go back to learn Luke1:26-38.

The fifth year, put the story in order. It’s great fun to hear your children tell the Christmas story through Scripture from their heart. If anyone hesitates, a sibling comes alongside with a prompt which gets the story moving again, or the person just continues with the story. You can mix it up with different people reciting different portions. You can play act it or use your nativity set. Hiding God’s Word in your heart is always beneficial and beautiful.

Learn Christmas carols

Another way to incorporate Christmas into your school day is to learn Christmas songs such as “Silent Night,” “O Come All Ye Faithful,” “O Little Town of Bethlehem,” etc. If you’d like, research and learn the history behind the music and the composers. (Click here to see a blog about the book and CD I used.) If your children are learning the piano or another instrument, they can include the songs in this learning as well. For an extra bit of fun, go caroling through the neighborhood or to nursing homes. Some of my favorite childhood memories involve Christmas music.

Other Christmas curriculum ideas

Watch a movie about the real meaning of Christmas. One such movie is The Nativity Story. Afterward, discuss and compare Scriptures with the movie. What was Biblical and what was imagined to make the story filled out more?

Many families complete an Advent Calendar. These may be purchased at book stores, or you can download one for free from Focus on the Family.

Bake Christmas cookies or other family traditional foods and share memories while you bake.

Do you have some construction-minded youth? Build your own nativity scene complete with straw and wooden cut-out animals.

Another creative endeavor is making your own greeting cards to share with family and friends or shut-ins. This one could be combined with the baking also if you want to hand deliver your cards and goodies.

So, there you have it, seven fun ways to celebrate Christ’s birth while learning. What other ideas to you have? Please share in the comments.

6 Replies to “7 Ways to Incorporate Christmas in Curriculum”

  1. I love the ideas you shared in your post! I think you covered learning during the Christmas season perfectly. My treasured memories include having Christmas devotions together before school. So much of Christmas leaves Jesus out. We tried to keep Jesus in the center of activities. Thanks for your beautiful ideas.

  2. My follow through with Christmas “American style” has faltered bit by bit through the years. With child/grandchild far away, I keep scaling down. This year I am only putting up the Christmas tree and lights outside. It just seems like too much work to go crazy decorating the house…I know Jesus doesn’t care 🙂

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