Book suggests changing self talk to be more honoring, positive

Book suggests changing self talk to be more honoring, positive

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For five weeks this summer, I participated in a Proverbs 31 Online Bible Study course about Jennifer Rothschild’s book Me, Myself, and Lies.

It was my first time ever joining an online Bible study so I worried if I would keep up. It was great, and I managed to keep up just fine. While they had plans for five days, they had one day for catching up, and I also worked it over six days so I wouldn’t feel rushed or overwhelmed. Their schedule was nice, and the people in their videos and Facebook chats were wonderful; they were so enthusiastic and fun. I wish I could meet them all in person. I know I won’t hesitate to sign up for another.

I valued my time with this study. Rothschild shares excellent insights in her book, which I highly recommend. Me, Myself, and Lies is about learning to talk to ourselves in more honoring ways. We are harder on ourselves than we are on other people. We ought to give ourselves the same grace and kindness.

The first few chapters help readers to discover what their thoughts are and search for sources of such thoughts and compare them to what the truth is, what God says. We can change our thinking by relabeling what we think about. We have to be careful to discover truths rather than make assumptions. Often we can get all worked up about something that isn’t even true. She gives great advice for speaking truth into ourselves.

In the next section, Rothschild talks about identifying our obsessions and distractions and guarding our treasures; assessing our emotions and finding hope; finding peace; knowing how to remember the good and finding something valuable in painful memories; and learning to rest.

The final chapters cover determining your true identity and acting upon it, persevering, exercising discipline, praising God, and learning to think about others more than ourselves. Many of us think a lot about ourselves and worry about what others think which we need to avoid doing.

I have skimmed over the topics. There is so much valuable advice within these pages. As with other Proverbs 31 authors and books, you will be encouraged.

Have you read this book yet? Do you have a favorite Proverbs 31 book? Have you participated in one of their online Bible studies? What did you think?

7 Replies to “Book suggests changing self talk to be more honoring, positive”

  1. you are always so busy good for you. I am getting busy also. New great grandson what a blessing. 7-20-17
    I went to IN. to be there he came. Hope all of you are healthy and happy.
    Love Shirley

  2. Sounds like a great study. I don’t think I will do the next study at our church, and in fact, discovered another church not too far from our new house. Hard thoughts and decisions. But the online one you did seemed to answer a lot of questions. Since our move, I have not been as good at keeping up with devotionals, etc. 🙁

    1. You have been busy and have longer commutes now. I have seasons where I use devotionals more than others. Don’t fret. You’ll find a new groove of things soon. Always remember that the Lord is walking with you, and He will help you figure out what to study next. Rest in Him. 🙂 God bless you in this transitional time.

  3. This study sounds wonderful. I am so glad you did it and that it helped you. I will definitely keep this in mind for later. Right now things are a little busy. I have not even had time to write any devotions for a couple of months. Please pray that God will help get things settled down again. Too many projects. All good, but time consuming.

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