Do not worry about number of days

Do not worry about number of days

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Karen Kingsbury’s latest novel, Truly, Madly, Deeply reminded me of a truth that I sometimes forget: none of us knows the number of our days, yet we try to control parts of our lives we cannot. We have never been in control. Our choices send us in certain directions, but, if we are honest, we save no one, protect no one. God does that.

Throughout my days, I fall into worry or fear about one thing or another. If someone is late, did an accident occur? A terrible, overwhelming fear for someone’s safety brings life to a standstill. Suffocating angst over something I can’t do anything about. Often it’s just my imagination, yet I know of terrible accidents with people I know. Reality provides tragedies that send people’s lives into tailspins.

Novel worries include job, disease

In Truly, Madly, Deeply, Tommy’s mom wrestles with his decision to become a police officer because it is such a dangerous profession and is sometimes a thankless job in areas where people want it defunded. As if this isn’t enough stress for the high school senior, his girlfriend is fighting for her life from a stage 4 cancer.

I relate to Tommy’s mom. My sons work in dangerous occupations in construction and agriculture. They participate in activities that might threaten their lives: hunting, sky diving, skiing down mountains, peering over the edges of cliffs, climbing to remote spots while hiking, traveling to other countries, and other stuff of life. Sure, these can be dangerous, but a person can be killed walking along the street or running an errand to the grocery store.

We only have now. Tomorrow isn’t promised. Nobody knows when they will die. That’s the point. Why do we fret over stuff we cannot control? Silly as it may seem, we worry about our loved ones because we LOVE them. Go figure. Yet, life would be more pleasant if we just let that go and gave it to God, where it belongs anyway. Loosen that grip. Come on. Let it go.

None of us know number of days

This emotional read’s underlying message reminds us that none of us know how much time we have to live. Grasping that none of us know the number of our days brings freedom from worry for those who surrender their control to God. Since I’m a work in progress, I’m still working on this.

Kingsbury keeps you guessing the novel’s outcome to the end. This book also ties in the events of 9/11. It’s a good story. If you’ve read a lot of Kingsbury’s novels about the Baxter family, you’ll find plenty of links. Unfortunately, I haven’t read all of these so I didn’t understand certain references. However, I still recommend it as a good stand-alone novel. It’s a moving story.

Plus, hearing the underlying message of trusting God encourages us. If we learn this important lesson someday, I bet we’d suffer with less stress.

Meanwhile, keep praying. God hears our prayers.

I’m thankful He sends us reminders of His love through the gift of stories.

Have you wrestled with letting a worry go? Tell us about it. If you need help, we’ll pray along with you.

Book recommendation: Truly, Madly, Deeply by Karen Kingsbury.

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  1. I haven’t read any of Kingsbury’s books lately, but I enjoyed the ones I have read. Thanks for the recommendation, Michelle.

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