Erma Bombeck’s Titanic advice noted

Erma Bombeck’s Titanic advice noted

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Recently, I read one of Erma Bombeck’s books because I wanted to read something funny. Erma Bombeck makes me laugh until tears spill down my cheeks and my side aches. That’s the kind of laughter I wanted. She delivered. I felt better. Laughter is good medicine for the soul.

Yet interspersed in the funny columns lurked some that make a reader think. One column struck me with a powerful truth. She wondered how many women declined dessert that fateful night of the sinking of the Titanic. Erma Bombeck’s advice to seize the moment stuck.

Enjoy dessert

Since then I remember the women on the Titanic when I go out to eat or am offered a dessert. Will I enjoy it or will I think I better not because I have to watch my figure. Sometimes I just get sick of having to consider calories and weight. Bah. If you’re on vacation, aren’t you supposed to be enjoying yourself? At Thanksgiving, aren’t you supposed to give thanks and enjoy the bounty? Does every woman have to go through life cursed with thoughts of “a cookie in hand means flab on the can”?

Say yes to now

Since that article, I also pause when my husband or I say, “Not now.” Sometimes when we snap “not now,” we never come back to it. Do you want to play cards? Not now. Want to ride bikes to Tastee Crème and get cones? Not now. Will you look at my paper/project? Not now. Let’s build sand castles and stomp in mud puddles! Not now. Let’s go out. Not now. Let’s replace this or fix that. Not now.

We always figure on getting to it later. There will be time.

Except sometimes a second opportunity never comes. Kids grow up. People move. People die. Some just give up and stop asking.

Assess priorities

So, assess your priorities. Decide to splurge once in a while. Fly that kite. Bake the cookies and eat them too. Stop worrying about what everyone else thinks is important, and do what YOU think is important. Spend your time on what’s really important with the people who are irreplaceable.

We never get this moment again.

Remember the Titanic.

Do you implement Erma Bombeck’s advice to seize the moment? How?

12 Replies to “Erma Bombeck’s Titanic advice noted”

  1. Michelle,

    Thank you for this blog post. It’s was very eye catching. It’s so important to be reminded to seize each day. We often (including myself) let ourselves wonder in miscellaneous thoughts that soon become overwhelming when making choices. Thanks for the blog!

  2. I love Erma Bombeck, and I enjoyed this post. As an empty nester, I don’t have much trouble finding time for things I want to do. But when the kids were young, hubby and I agreed that when the kids us to do something, we’d say yes unless there was a good reason to say no. It meant we were often inconvenienced or had to stay up later than we’d like. But we’re so thankful for the memories and the relationship it built with our kids.

  3. Thanks for this good reminder. I get caught up in my endless to do list and sometimes leave no room for those unexpected things that pop up. I wonder how many wonderful opportunities I have missed because I got caught up in the the things I thought I had to accomplish today. This reminds me to slow down and look around!

    1. I fall into that trap a lot also, Ellen. Together we can remember Erma’s advice to slow down and enjoy the moment. Life really does fly by, and we wonder how we got to this age already. LOL Anyway, I’m making progress on this. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  4. “Seize the moment.” So necessary and sometimes so hard to do. With three children and five foster children (for eleven and a half months), it was nearly impossible to meet everyone’s needs, let along their wants. We grieved over that, but, thanks be to God, that all turned out well in spite of us. Now, how about my husband? Am I meeting all his needs? Good, thoughtful provoking post, Michelle.

    1. Yes, Donna, we can only do our best in that moment! I’m thankful, as well, that God works in people’s lives in spite of us at times. 🙂 I think many can feel the love and desires of our heart so forgive us those moments that grieve us. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  5. Very encouraging and well said Michelle. I just watched a Titanic documentary while in Cincinnati so this is very timely for me. It has been easy to get caught up in the new house and push those moments aside, so I’m thankful your son allowed me time to spend with family last weekend. I was very blessed to spend time with my sisters and cousin as well as getting to see The Ark, ouside of Cincinnati. Seize the moment. Good advice.

    1. Thanks, Ken. That’s cool that you got to see the Ark! I’d like to visit there sometime. My aunt said it’s incredible. My cousin and her husband went also and loved it. Grabbing those family times are important so we’re glad you had a good time. I’ve read about and watched shows about the Titanic tragedy. So sad. Erma’s comment about the Titanic really made me stop and think. She was gifted in making us laugh and revealing truths. Thanks so much for sharing.

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