Exercising spill prompts alternatives

Exercising spill prompts alternatives

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Exercising in the winter offers its challenges. After a recent spill, I want to share alternatives for winter exercising, in particular, one that encourages you emotionally, as well as physically.

Winter spills lurk

Snow carpeted the sidewalk along the path I intended, but when my boot crunched into the short pile of fluffy stuff, out went my feet, my arms flailing and oomph! I found myself sprawled on the ground. Beneath the innocent looking snow lay a nice layer of ice. Ouch.

The thermometer said it was nine degrees out, but the weatherman reported the windchills hovered in the below zero range. My body remained toasty warm because of all the layers I wore. Only my face demanded I pull my scarf up once in a while.

The sun shined. Wind blew waves of snow across open areas, but I walked in town, keeping my eyes on the uneven sidewalks that cropped up every so often. Workers in the auto shop aligned my van. I decided getting some fresh air and exercise beat sitting in the waiting room for the hour or more it would take to finish the job.

When my husband learned of my fall, he thought I should complain to the city. After all, I could have been hurt, broken a bone. Thank, God, I didn’t break anything. No one ventured out except the mail and package delivery people, so, as far as I know, no one saw my tumble. Maybe someone happened to be looking out the window. It doesn’t matter. I checked myself over and started back the way I came. I’d take another way to the bridge.

After an hour, I put my hood down and loosened my scarf. Working or exercising in frigid temperatures requires proper dressing, but somehow I manage to overdress. Still, I don’t care how many layers one needs to stay warm, I can’t wait until the warmer temperatures of spring so I don’t have to layer up.

Indoor exercising options

My spill last week reminded me to consider indoor options. I’ve been trying out new exercise videos since November because conditions aren’t always safe for walking. While I’ve tried a few videos my 15-year-old suggested, I admit they’re a bit overzealous for me. Because of my bifocals, quick moves up and down make me dizzy which makes me sick, so no thanks. I’ve found other videos on You Tube that look great, but I soon discover they are a bit more advanced than I can take—or at least that I am willing to push for. Some plugging in of key words brought me to the Fabulous 50 workouts.

I tried four so far. In addition to liking her workouts, I like how the instructor encourages the viewer, telling her to be the best you and not compare.

In addition to online You Tube videos, I may do my own made-up workout with stretches and weights and walking around the house and up the stairs. The elliptical also provides me with a good workout. Variety not only mixes up the workouts so that different parts of the body are worked, but variety breaks the boredom of the same old thing.

Walking is still my preferred method of exercising, but since I am over 50, I don’t want to risk breaking a bone on the ice lurking beneath the snow.

Exercise keeps us healthy and improves our mood. What forms of exercise do you engage in during the winter? Do you live in a warm or cold climate?

Until next week, stay strong and healthy—and watch out for icy sidewalks!

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6 Replies to “Exercising spill prompts alternatives”

  1. I”m not a fan of winter walking, so I’ll be checking out these Fabulous50 videos. Thanks for the suggestion! And after falling myself yesterday, I can agree with you that we need to find ways to stay safe.

  2. Normally, I walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes, five days a week, unless some appointment interferes. I am not a fan of winter walking either, yet my husband and I have been walking for half and hour several days a week. Fortunately, most of the sidewalks on our route a at least partly cleared of snow and ice. If they aren’t, we walk in the street. One can do that in a small village like Orfordville.

  3. What a great find for women over 50! I’m glad you found some indoor exercise options. I really enjoy beachbodyondemand.com and lesmillsondemand.com as well as Yoga with Adrienne. But, like you, I always enjoy walking and getting fresh air, too. Stay healthy!

    1. Thanks for sharing those workout links, Shari! It’s true that getting outside is better with the fresh air. I join you in looking forward to warmer days. Have a great week filled with good workouts. 🙂

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