Help me choose a tagline

Help me choose a tagline

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A website update looms in my near future. Since November, I busy myself with brainstorming and meeting with a coach to keep me on task. Many aspects of the change remain and challenge me as I move baby step by baby step forward. I want to do this right. The choices overwhelm me. So I thought, why not ask my readers for their input. Thus, this week, I hope you will take time to share your thoughts with me and vote. Please help me choose a tagline!

My current tagline–Faith, Family and Fiction–needs to be narrowed. A tagline has to be specific so my readers know what I offer them. I hope that my blogs encourage and provide hope, that they help you overcome feelings of rejection, direct you with ideas you can implement to find joy and purpose in this season of your life, help you to grow closer with Jesus, and to know you aren’t alone, that others understand. Maybe that is still too broad, but that is where I am right now.

How do my blogs help you? What message have I spoken to your heart? Perhaps I have captured it in one of these taglines.

Tagline choices

Which of these taglines resonates best with you?  Please let me know your number one choice by sharing in the comments or emailing me (See contact page). Thank you for helping me choose a tagline!

Discover the Treasure of You

Embrace Who God Made You to Be

Encouragement for God’s Works in Progress

Sharing Stories to Restore Our Broken Places

Mending Hurting Hearts through Stories

Finding Joy in the Every Day Moments

Hashtag Chosen

The hashtag I have chosen is #YouMatter. Through my social media and blog posts, I hope this message always comes through.

I hope you will share my blogs to encourage others. When doing so, add the hashtag #YouMatter to help others find me.

I appreciate your prayers and support as I work on this. The purpose is to serve you and to honor Jesus through my contributions.

My blog began about three and one-half years ago. I hope you will love the new, fine-tuned website and blog when it culminates here in the coming months. Thank you for helping me choose a tagline and for any other input you provide.

Have a great week!

22 Replies to “Help me choose a tagline”

  1. They are all great titles. I am not sure I could pick just one but I will go with: Embrace Who God Made You to Be

  2. Michelle, these are all good, but along with your hashtag of “You Matter!”, my first choice is “Discover the Treasure of You!”, and my second choice is “Embrace Who Tod Made You to Be.” For me, they just seem to carry on the “You Matter” theme.

  3. Embrace who God made you to be. Everyone has been given certain strengths, find them and use them wisely.

  4. I like β€œ Embrace who God made you to be”
    I feel it narrows it down to finding yourself
    With God’s help and many of the topics will revolve around faith. ❀️🎚

  5. I agree with Donna. The tagline that resonates with me is Finding Joy in Everyday Matters, but that doesn’t fit with your hashtag. So I second Donna’s suggestions.

  6. Discover the Treasure of You seems to encompass all the other taglines. I like it and it speaks to my heart. As women, I think we have a hard time seeing ourselves as treasures. And I agree, it fits your hashtag.

  7. I like them all but feel Discover the treasure of you goes best with your #you matter. Love the humor and encouragmental in your blog !

  8. Michelle…you are so more tech savvy than me. I don’t do F/book, hashtags, blah blah. You go girl.

    I am the lone replier for my favorite from your list:

    Encouragement for God’s Works in Progress

    I feel that sometimes I am a sham, sometimes I’m on top of the world, and sometimes brought to my knees by life. I like being reminded I am GOD’s work in progress πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks for your vote, Deb. I think many of us struggle with those feelings; that is why I want to encourage us all that we’re not alone. Our feelings can fool us so that’s why we all need to be reminded of what God says about us. When we are able to talk with each other and share, it helps us to not get discouraged because we know we have friends who walk beside us. Thanks again. πŸ™‚

  9. I choose ” Encouragement for God’s Works in Progress” because that applies to each one of us no matter our age or stage of life. We are all trying to become more like our Lord–a process that continues until our last day. Some days we feel good about our progress, and on other days we just need forgiveness and motivation to start again. We can read the words of others on both of those days and feel inspired!

  10. I like the first three best β€” and love the hashtag! I’m voting for Encouragement for God’s Works in Progress. It’s a good summary of what you write about. Good luck!

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