Racing time complicates life

Racing time complicates life

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The sound of squealing tires preceded the sound of crunching metal on metal.

Those were my thoughts colliding with the truth that there was no rush in reaching a certain goal at the moment since I hadn’t finished with a previously made commitment that needed to be completed before anything new could be started.

At times life feels like a race, but rather than competing with others, the stress comes from our own internal pressures. Our focus is skewed. Critical questions require answers.


Determine priority

Waiting is hard especially when you feel like time is racing by. One knows that once lost, it can’t be found again. Time marches forward. It never turns around and comes back. Yes, we can retry or redo, but the actual time is gone. We can’t get it back. The present—the now—is precious. I can feel it.

Yet I can waste it. I often do even if I am busy, busy, busy.

It’s not just tackling one project on the table but several. Which one is the priority? Could they each be worked on in increments or should they be completed one at a time? How does one know? Again, time comes into the equation. There is only so much of it.

What is gained by the completion? Who is affected? Is it just for me or for someone else? Which feels most pressing?

Quiet the mind. Quiet the soul. Stop the racing of the heart. Slow the frenzy in the mind. Quiet. Just be quiet.


Answer basic questions

Think and analyze the problem. Ask the five W’s and the H. What is the why behind what I do? Does when it gets accomplished really matter? If so, why?

The goal is the what I want to do. Time is the when I want the goal met. The who is critical. Can I see the who I’m doing this for when I shut my eyes or at least feel or sense who the who is?

Do I have a where for the what to be done in the when? That will answer the how.

Goals. Sometimes I can taste them. I shut my eyes, I can see them. Silence the noise, I can hear them.

But racing around gets me nowhere. Working and striving feel like a car stuck in a mud hole if the timing is off. Timing is important. So before starting a huge, time consuming project, get organized, do some research, pray, think, rest in the quiet. Get ready.

Then perhaps instead of hearing a collision, I will hear the birds twittering and feel the sun warming my back. Instead of the scowl, a silly grin will spread across my face. Instead of tears, my heart will overflow with laughter.

Timing—it really does play a vital role in the start of any race. And we shouldn’t forget to stay focused on the prize.

Ahh, the prize. . . no, it is when we take our eyes off the real prize that we get all wrapped up in the turmoil in the first place worrying about the who and the what and the when and the why.

Honestly, am I the only one who makes life so much more complicated than it needs to be?


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2 Replies to “Racing time complicates life”

  1. Michelle, thank you so much for this post. I really needed to read this. Things have been so busy here lately. No, I’ve been pushing myself, trying to do too much and feeling totally out of touch with all of it, including God. I will be doing some “housecleaning” today to at least begin to get things back to “normal”. Excellent post!! Have a blessed day.

    1. Thank you, Donna. I am glad this post encouraged you! May the Lord guide and direct you to what needs to be done, and may you rest in Him and have peace for the stuff that gets pushed to tomorrow. I hope you have a calmer week as you set things in order. God bless you always.

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