Whatever Is True captures how wounds can impair judgement

Whatever Is True captures how wounds can impair judgement

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Are you a romantic who enjoys Hallmark movies? Are you looking for a new romance novel to read? I recommend Whatever Is True by Pamela S. Meyers, which releases tomorrow, March 1.

If you have ever struggled with feeling good enough or felt your past mistakes will keep you from better things, this novel might strike a chord with you. Perhaps you’re seeking answers, but you believe God doesn’t factor in to the equation because life continues to be hard and disappointing again and again. Do not give in to those nay saying thoughts. Forgive yourself and risk stepping out in faith as you determine your next step. Sometimes your answer is right in front of you. This is the message I received from this novel.

Clint is a cowboy who feels unworthy of the woman he loves, Lacy. Lacy is a barrel racing chef who fears the cowboy she has fallen for won’t want her once he learns of a painful secret. Lacy wrestles with her decisions for the future. These two have parental wounds that also need healing. Clint’s mom is an alcoholic, and he never knew his father, so he feels unloved. Lacy also has a strained relationship with her dad who seems rather distant, harsh, and business-like when we first meet him. Her dad doesn’t encourage her dreams. Another cowboy tempts Lacy to follow her dreams for the wrong reasons.

I enjoyed this novel. The realistic characters encounter problems we could meet with if we were ranchers in Texas, busy on the rodeo circuit. The emotions feel genuine. Wounds often skew our viewpoint as we try to protect ourselves from getting hurt again. Wants may overpower our judgement. Fear may keep us from what we need.

Whatever Is True gave me the warm and happy feelings at the conclusion that a Hallmark movie gives—isn’t that why we keep coming back for more? The conclusion wrapped the story up nicely, although I felt there could have been a scene or chapter explaining Lacy’s dad’s response at the end. Well painted scenes unfold like a movie as one reads. I enjoyed the surprise.

This is the second book in a series. I have not read the first book, but I suspect I will be looking for it soon to learn about Lacy’s cousin Jace and his true love.

Because I have read other books by this author and communicated with her via social media, Pamela Meyers invited me to be a member of her group to read an Advanced Reader Copy, which is why I am able to share with you about this fun read prior to its release. I hope you’ll snuggle up with a copy soon and enjoy your time in Texas.

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7 Replies to “Whatever Is True captures how wounds can impair judgement”

  1. “Another cowboy tempts Lacy to follow her dreams for the wrong reasons.”
    It is easy to tell that you are a writer of novels, Michelle. I understand that “leave them wondering and wanting more” is one of the “rules” of fiction writing. Well done! I may have Lynn look for it at the library soon.

    1. Thanks for your compliment, Donna. I hope you enjoy the book as well. I think it is neat that the author grew up not far from here. 🙂 It means small town girls’ dreams do come true. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sounds like a good book…thanks for sharing. Once an editor, always an editor…I hope they corrected the typo on the cover before the final book was published 🙂 🙂

    ….future together *be* shattered…

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