Thankful for police, tow truck drivers

Thankful for police, tow truck drivers

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thankful for police and tow truck operators,

With snow covered roads, life changes direction in a hurry. My husband and I found ourselves sitting behind a police cruiser with its red and blue pulsating lights one Sunday evening in January after his mom lost control going around a curve and plunged deep into a snow-filled ditch, grazing a fence. The evening’s tallies included no injuries, just a few scratches to the car, and a nice tow truck bill.

When we arrived on the scene after receiving a call, the homeowner of a nearby residence shoveled snow from around her buried car so she could exit the vehicle. We appreciated his kindness and efforts.

Accidents remind us to be thankful

Losing control of a vehicle happens fast and leaves one shaken. I know. I’ve lost control on snow covered, icy roads myself. I’ve even landed in the ditch, narrowly missing an electric pole and had to walk to a nearby house to use the phone, pre-cellphone days. Another time, I swirled around, remaining on the pavement, but facing the opposite direction. I chose a different route home that time.

After a while, the pulsating lights bothered my eyes so I shielded them, but all the while I gave thanks for police officers and tow truck operators. We need these heroes who rescue us and watch out for us. Police officers rescued me when I was lost once and when we locked our keys in the van on a family trip. Officers taught classes at school and entertained us at open houses with their police dogs.

Times like this also remind me how God watches over us. He protects us from injury, provides assistance for getting out of the predicament, and if necessary, works things out as vehicles get repaired. People do receive serious injuries and even die in accidents, so when we walk away unscathed, it is indeed something to thank God for. We may also be grateful for all the times we stayed on the road and avoided an accident.

Sometimes someone can pull you out with a regular truck. Other times, like this incident, require a professional tower. Either way, one needs help of some kind.

Police & others serve & sacrifice

In life, we always need others. As social beings, we thrive in community. Each of us plays a part in a complicated story.

Thank you, police officers, tow truck operators, fire and EMS personnel, snow plow drivers, and all those individuals who serve us. Maybe we take for granted all your hard work. When we need you, thanks for being there and doing your job.

The deputy from the sheriff’s department and the tow man who helped my mother-in-law remained cheerful and kind through the entire experience. She felt embarrassed and shaken up, but they assured her that the day provided plenty of other calls from others in the same situation. Wintery weather puts these individuals out in the elements all the time. Working in the dark offered other challenges and safety concerns. I noticed these things as I watched them work.

God sends people to assist us. But we can find ourselves buried in other deep ditches in life that these community servants can’t aid us with. Pausing to cry out for help from the One who can dig us out is always a good place to start.  When things go wrong, we slam to a stop. Inconveniences and damages stand out. Just think of all the times we avoided catastrophes or major problems. In all circumstances, there is something for us to be grateful for.

What accident slowed you down to change perspective?

The Lord will keep you from all harm—he will watch over your life; the Lord will watch over your coming and going, both now and forevermore.

Psalm 121:7-8 (NIV)

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Photo by Ann on Unsplash.

6 Replies to “Thankful for police, tow truck drivers”

  1. Thank you Michelle for showing us and reminding us of how God is at work in our everyday lives and situations no matter how big or how small. I appreciate you!!

    1. Thank you, Kendra, for your kind praise and encouragement. God is always at work, but sometimes we miss Him when we’re consumed with whatever occupies our attention at the moment. I’m trying to be more alert because it helps me to keep a more positive perspective. I tend to get pessimistic after awhile, if I don’t. 🙂

  2. In my case, it was a farmer who pulled our truck out of the field I plowed into a couple of years ago. Fortunately, there was only a slight “ditch” at that point rather than one of the deep ditches along highway 213. But i definitely agree with you about all the service people who so graciously help us every day. We simply can’t live without them.

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