The Rescue of Mittens

The Rescue of Mittens

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In August, my husband, Pat, started talking about an abandoned kitten that turned up at his work, a food manufacturing facility. As a manager, he was concerned about cat hair getting into the workplace because employees were feeding the starving feline during their breaks. She visited at night and was friendly, even purring and rubbing up against people. Clearly, she meant trouble. She had to go.

A plan to capture her began. The first time she was trapped in a cat carrier and taken home by a female employee, but that didn’t work out. She said that the kitten escaped and found its way back to work. Catching her the second time proved more difficult because she was smart and wary. Pat was determined though because time was running out. She’d be euthanized if someone didn’t take her. Somehow Pat managed to catch her with a box. This is how she came to live in our garage at the end of that month.

We already had two cats, an eight-year-old female, gray tabby and a three-year-old black and white male fur ball, not to mention our hyper chocolate lab. My experiences make me feel cautious about adding another cat because we’ve had litter box issues over the years with our various cats. We now had two that had no problems. I wanted to just leave the situation alone and not rock the boat. I thought we could find her a different home.

But Pat wouldn’t hear of it—this from the man who when we first got married didn’t even like cats. Our girls quickly fell in love with Mittens, who never once tried to run away. Her water bowl and food dish were full, and she soon learned to use her litter box.

If we were going to keep her, I insisted that Pat take her to the vet. Before he scheduled a visit, however, Mittens miscarried two kittens. Now, we were perplexed. Just how old was this kitten if she was having kittens. Obviously, she was older than we guessed.

At her first check-up to get her vaccinations and health assessment, the veterinarian assured us she was healthy, but couldn’t be spayed for another month due to the miscarriage. Her age is somewhere between eight months and a year. She is half the size of our other cats.

During her veterinary visit, Pat decided to have her checked for feline leukemia, a terrible disease that stole our very first kitty, Butterscotch Romeow. Thankfully, Pat considered this because it would have been devastating to bring Mittens into the house and then lose all three cats. Thankfully, Mittens tested negative.

I’ve always loved cats. Perhaps I’ve rubbed off onto my hubby; but whatever, it was thoughtful of him to think of us and to remember our beloved Butterscotch. Of course, he couldn’t forget that awful memory. I kept putting off the inevitable after his diagnoses. I became so distracted at work that friends convinced me to tell my boss what was going on. He gave me permission to leave early to go to the vet to let my pet go. It was difficult. Butterscotch was such a loving boy, one of the best kitties ever. I think he knew how hard it was and how much he was loved when we said goodbye. I brought him home in a box with a blanket and insisted that Pat bury him under his favorite tree. Pat, bless his heart, tried to bury him under his favorite tree, but I hadn’t considered the roots, and the tree was old. In frustration, Pat had to bury him in the blanket instead of the box. This was 22 years ago this fall.

In our 30 years together, we’ve had seven cats; Mittens makes eight. Bandit seems to be making friends with Mittens, but Belle isn’t quite sure she likes another family member. I sure hope they all get along and that there won’t be any litter issues.

Have you ever rescued an animal and brought it into your home?

8 Replies to “The Rescue of Mittens”

  1. Mittens is so cute! What a fun addition to your family. Isn’t it amazing how cats seem to know where they belong? There was a reason she showed up at your husband’s work.

    Your husband sounds like mine. 🙂 When we married, Marv hated cats, as did his entire family. But for my birthday the second year we were married, he surprised me with a visit to the Humane Society and told me to pick one. 🙂 We had Pepper for 15 years.

    Now we have Kisses, a sassy calico, and this is a kitty chosen by our entire family so she’s dearly loved and mightily spoiled.

  2. Love the article about mittens. We recently added two new kittens to our family. Bob and Frankie are getting along now pretty well with our two senior citizens cats Gracie and Murphy. My husband really likes cats. All year long he feeds any stray that shows up. This morning there were 6!

  3. Mittens is adorable…I can see why you all fell in love with her. My friends have told me that God has called me to take care of cats…and I say…why me 🙂 We had an indoor cat, Calli, for 18 years, and since my daughter and granddaughter are very allergic, we decided when she was gone that was the end of indoor pets. Then I ended up with 5-6 cats at the barn where I board my horse not having access to food, and took it upon myself to provide for them. Of course, in the process, I tamed all of them. When they hear my car pull in, they come running. 2 summers ago a tortoiseshell female began living under our deck. She was very friendly, and had obviously been someone’s indoor pet. We were able to take her to Petco on East State Street/Rockford to be put up for adoption. This summer, 4 kittens were born and placed in our neighbor’s basement window well until they were old enough to crawl out…and of course, they do took up residence under my deck. (Did you hear me say, “Why me, Lord?” The mom was able to be TNR (trapped, neutered, released)…1 female was taken by a neighbor…and I am mostly stuck (?) with Whiskey and Smoky, and once in awhile their other sister comes around. Still would like to have all neutered so no more kittens!!! We shall see, and now I have contracted to have an outdoor insulated house made for them with winter fast approaching. Both would make excellent indoor pets. Both will walk into the house if I leave the patio door open, but Whiskey has no fears left in him…loves to be pet and loves walking around the house. Smoky is a little more shy. And so the cat saga goes from just another Crazy Cat Lady.

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