Wings of the Wind beautifully written, leaves deep impression

Wings of the Wind beautifully written, leaves deep impression

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I loved Wings of the Wind, the third novel in Connilyn Cossette’s Out of Egypt series, published by Bethany House. I enjoyed the first two in the series, as well, but the main characters Alanah and Tobiah captured my heart in a different way. I loved watching this couple transform from enemies to intimate friends.

Tobiah wants to do what is right in the sight of God. He wants to protect the life of this enemy despite the grief he is experiencing over the loss of his best friend and brother-in-law. Alanah wants to escape, but having nowhere to go, she waits, but as she waits her heart is transformed. A transformed heart is a beautiful thing. I read with eagerness and wonder and anticipation. Cossette kept me on my toes as one thing after another kept the couple apart.

Watching Tobiah fall in love was such an eye opener to me. I admire how the author captured this man’s heart on paper. He was honorable, admirable, honest, patient, vulnerable, strong yet sensitive, everything a girl would want in her hero, love.

Alanah is a brave heroine whose noble sacrifices to protect the innocent also kept me turning the pages. It is crazy rooting on people you know aren’t real, but that is exactly what I was doing throughout the story. When I concluded the book, I was satisfied. I believed in these people during the immersion of this reading. I was glad I could share in the story, and though, I know this is fiction, for this brief time, they truly lived.

As I’m new to Biblical fiction, I found it fascinating learning about how the Israelites may have experienced coming out of the wilderness and marching around Jericho. How Cossette wrapped everything together was a pleasant surprise.

I just have to say there was a lot to enjoy while falling back in time reading this romance. I hope you will have an opportunity to read it. Please share your thoughts about it or another book that captured your heart.

Cossette may count me among her throng of fans! I can’t wait to see what she publishes next.

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