14 prank ideas to play on adult children

14 prank ideas to play on adult children

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Since our two oldest sons purchased homes recently, my husband and I made a list of prank ideas. As they get settled, dreaming of landscaping, remodeling and/or decorating, I anticipate our visits with glee. We plan to incorporate some of the things they and their siblings have done over the years.

Here are our ideas. What prank ideas can you add?

  1. As soon as we get in the door, we’re bee lining for the refrigerator. Then we will stand with the door open and gawk inside for at least a minute. Then we’ll yell out, “Don’t you have ANYTHING to eat?”
  2. We’re going to leave our possessions at various spots throughout the house.
  3. We’re going to sneak into the pantry, shut the door, and eat the cookies, leaving just one or two in the container for him to find later.
  4. If there are any chips in the house, we’ll eat them almost gone before the meal is served.
  5. When we’re done eating, if we eat, we’re going to ask what’s for dessert. If there is no ice cream, sighing and grumbling may occur. One of us will groan, “What kind of place doesn’t keep ice cream in stock?”
  6. Before coming into the house, we will roll around in the dirt so we can be as filthy as possible. Then, we’ll go in and sit on his new furniture and say, “My backside’s clean.”
  7. We’ll make sure our socks are stinky. Then we’ll peal them off and lay them on the living room floor in different spots. When we leave, we’ll be sure to forget them right where we left them so that when we visit next, we can have a box of our belongings as a gift. I sure hope he’ll wash my socks as I wash his.
  8. I’m going to make sure I mess up the bathroom and blame my husband.
  9. I’ll unplug his phone to charge mine.
  10.  We’ll leave two sheets of toilet paper on the roll.
  11. I’m going to use a different glass every time I have a drink and leave them all over the kitchen like I don’t know where the dishwasher is or make a bunch of dirty dishes and pile them in the sink for him to wash later. I will be sure not to clean up my crumbs on the table.
  12. We’ll turn on all the lights.
  13. I’m going to bring stuff over to store in his basement or garage or maybe both.
  14. When I house sit, I’m not going to clean anything, and when he gets home I’ll say, “I thought I had a couple more days.”

No, we probably won’t do any of those things, but it is fun to contemplate some pranks so they know what it’s like. Of course, some day, they’ll have their own kids for the real payback. I can’t wait.

We are excited for them and know we’ll be over helping in various projects.

What is something your kids did when they lived at home that you said you’d do back when they had their own house?

4 Replies to “14 prank ideas to play on adult children”

  1. I’m glad you aren’t planning to do any of those things to you children, but they made a terrific block. It brought back lots of memories, both good and not so good, along with a few chuckles, and I enjoyed it.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it, Donna. There are days I’m tempted. LOL It was fun coming up with the list anyway. If anything, it gave us something to laugh over and to tease them about. 🙂 Thanks for taking time to comment.

  2. You each need to leave at least three pairs of shoes and a pair of mud-caked boots in a tangled heap immediately inside the main entrance. Tossing in a bit of driveway gravel adds a nice touch.

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