After desperate times, we seek normal, familiar

After desperate times, we seek normal, familiar

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Centuries pass, but people remain the same. In desperate times, we seek help from an all-powerful Creator, but as soon as the problem disappears, we revert to normal behavior because normal is comfortable and familiar.

I’ve been reading about the plagues before the exodus. Pharaoh summoned Moses to pray to the Lord to take away the plague. He did this with the frogs, flies, hail, and locusts. But when it came to the plague of darkness, when he summoned Moses, he said they could go worship but they had to leave the flocks and herds behind.

Pharaoh’s heart hardened and remained unyielding each time. He resisted from letting the Hebrews go because he suspected they would leave and his labor force would be lost. While he didn’t respect the Hebrews, he respected Moses, who persisted in asking again and again for him to let the people go.  Many times, he said he sinned and asked for forgiveness and relief.

Sometimes I think I am like Pharaoh. I pray in desperation to be set free from a situation, and once I get relief, I slip back into my normal actions and reactions. I resist change and want my way.

Have you found this trait in yourself as well?

For example, did you ever ask God for a baby? Maybe you asked for months or years. With care, you did everything you could to have that child and keep the child safe. Time goes by and you forget how long you prayed for this child. You take the gift for granted until you face a hardship again. Doubts pounce on you. Maybe you ask if you imagined the answer before, or perhaps you ask if you have angered God.

Or did the doctor call and give you bad news? Scary scenarios play out in your mind. Through tears, you pray for healing and relief. God answers your prayers. You are thankful, but after awhile you start to slip back into your old patterns of behavior. Maybe you disregard medical advice or neglect the sunscreen or exercise. Maybe you tell yourself, this drink or this food won’t hurt me, but bit by bit, the servings get larger, and you find yourself sick again.

After desperate times, we seek normal

During the storms, we beg for relief. Just like Pharaoh. For some reason, when the plague goes away, we forget and resume where we left off.

It’s hard work to resist returning to old ways. I have to make a conscious effort to instill new habits and guard against backsliding. Because even when I think I will never forget, I do forget. I can’t believe it, but it’s true.

Didn’t I learn my lesson?

The best way I know how to keep from hardening my heart and stewing in anger or frustration is to seek God’s wisdom each day by reading the Bible and keeping my mind on what God is doing. Life gets so busy. Without even trying, we take our eyes off Jesus and find ourselves in some kind of mess or stress.

Whatever your plague, I pray you will give it to Jesus. Keep your life simple. Obey what He says. Whatever this hard thing happens to be, it is better than the difficulty that comes from saying no.

What insight have you discovered recently in something you have read or heard? Please share.

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  1. Very thought-filled and thought-full blog, Michelle. I don’t mind change so much, I just want to know ahead of time what that change will be and what it will entail. LOL

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