Be uplifting, stop bullying

Be uplifting, stop bullying

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In the telling of the crucifixion of Jesus, there’s a lot of shouting, watching, sneering, and mocking going on. Thousands of years later, people still shout, watch, sneer, and mock. Wouldn’t it be nice to be uplifting and stop bullying?

Does anyone else get stressed watching the news? So much anger and disrespect and negativity. It reminds me of the powerful people in Jesus’ day.

“The people stood watching, and the rulers even sneered at him.” Ouch.

Have you noticed in the news and on social media how some people like to watch and sneer? Sometimes we’re quick to judge or form an opinion without all the facts. Be careful who you follow.

“The soldiers also came up and mocked him.”

So many negative emotions

Shouting makes me think of anger. Sneering is showing contempt, scorn, disdain. Scorn is to show lack of respect, showing a strong dislike. Mocking is ridiculing, treating with contempt. All of these are negative emotions. In a crowd, these spiral into riots or other forms of violence. As individuals, it harbors a grudge of sorts that festers and grows worse if not contained and dealt with.

I don’t want to be part of tearing down our country and people. I hope to see the birth of positive actions and words. I prefer cheering, smiling, and encouraging.

Avoid these injustices

Rather than standing by and watching bad behavior, I hope together we can step up and offer a helping hand and word of blessing. Rather than throwing people down and crushing them, let’s lift them up and set them on a better path.

How disheartening to see people still acting this way. Don’t be quick to join the crowd! In Exodus 23:1a, it says, “Do not spread false reports.” In Exodus 23:2a, it says, “Do not follow the crowd in doing wrong.”

Other laws of justice and mercy include:
• Do not help a wicked man by being a malicious witness.
• Do not pervert justice by siding with the crowd.
• Do not show favoritism. . .
• Be sure to help your enemy out if you see he needs help.
• Do not deny justice. . .
• Do not accept a bribe.
• Do not oppress a foreigner.
The list goes on just in the first nine verses of this chapter.

It boils down to the Golden Rule

Doesn’t it all boil down to the Golden Rule found in Matthew 7:12: “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets”? We don’t want to be bullied so why do we allow bullying of others?

Reading and studying the last moments of Jesus Christ before his resurrection gave me much to ponder. Did you find any nuggets to chew on the past four weeks?

I hope you enjoyed studying with me. May you recall these lessons as you celebrate the Good News on Easter Sunday, rejoicing with exclamations that He is risen! What a precious, new beginning He has offered us all.

May we choose to lift others up rather than tear them down. Have you ever confronted bullying?

Happy Easter, friends!

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  1. Very timely, and needed, post, Michelle. It seems like worried people become grumpy and they pass the negativity on to everyone and anyone who gets in their way. A time when we, Christians, need to pass on the love of Jesus even more. We all need it.

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