Chocolate milk a favorite beverage

Chocolate milk a favorite beverage

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Peer pressure causes many to hide things about themselves out of fear of ridicule. I know I kept my opinions to myself plenty of times. But one day, the spotlight focused on me, and I had to choose between telling what someone else considered cool or to tell the truth: my favorite beverage is chocolate milk.

College test involves chocolate milk

When I was in college, my dorm resident assistants hosted a game called “How Well Do You Know Your Roommate” or something like that. It was a spinoff of the television newlywed game once popular. I left the room while they interviewed my roommate, Joan. When I entered, she indicated I better not let her down on this. I squirmed. What question could be so important? Then they asked me what my favorite beverage was. Now, when you’re in college, the cool answer would be some sort of alcoholic beverage, but since I never acquired the taste for such, I sat in silence thinking. What could I answer?

Joan grew nervous with my delay.

Since I believe honesty is the best policy, I shot Joan an apologetic look before I said, “Chocolate milk.” To my surprise, she squealed and hugged me. I had answered correctly. I’m not sure if we won or not. All I know is that I won that one.

Not always a fan of milk

It’s true that my favorite beverage is chocolate milk. It hasn’t always been this way though. You might say I developed a taste for it sometime in my teens.

My dislike of milk tested my poor mother. I remember her telling the doctor that I didn’t drink milk. She hoped he would advise me to drink milk, but instead he asked if I ate cheese and ice cream or other dairy products, which I did. My poor mom was probably disappointed.

The reason I didn’t drink milk as a kid was simple. I didn’t like the strong taste. You see, my dad picked up milk from my uncle’s milk cooler. It’s not good to be related to so many dairy farmers and not like milk! My parents pasteurized the fresh milk, and my siblings drank the fresh milk. But then there was me—the stubborn child.

Thankful for options

I still prefer two percent or one percent to whole milk, but I always add my Nestle Quik chocolate powder. I use only ¼ of the recommended serving, but it’s still in there. For special occasions, we buy chocolate milk in the jug, but that is sweetened so offered only on occasion.

Chocolate milk

My family drinks plenty of milk still. We please farmers when they see my grocery cart.

Chocolate milk after working out rehydrates and rebuilds muscles. It contains necessary carbohydrates, electrolytes, and protein, and is quickly digested to help reenergize you. What’s not to love?

My dad carried chocolate milk with him when he played softball and when he drove about conducting his business. My parents still pack chocolate milk as a snack for long day trips. My children purchase it by the half-gallon sometimes when they are working in the heat and stop at a gas station. So, despite my earlier aversion, I’ve inherited and passed along a good habit: choose milk not pop (or soda, as some call it). 

Big fan now of chocolate milk

While I wasn’t a big fan in my younger days, I’m a big fan now. Milk, a healthy and nutritious beverage choice, also is a key ingredient in cheese, yogurt, ice cream and other dairy products. These are healthy in moderation and promote strong bones.

The dairy and agriculture industries are important in my state of Wisconsin and in my family. I guess I represent them well now.

Some people might not like your truth, but you shouldn’t stop from telling it because you need to stay true to yourself to be happy. Be brave. Tell the truth. Likely you’ll make someone really happy that you did!

Are you thirsty? Grab some chocolate milk, and tell me about your favorite beverage. Or tell me a time that you stepped out to tell the truth even if it wasn’t cool. I love hearing your stories.

10 Replies to “Chocolate milk a favorite beverage”

  1. Michelle,
    Thank you for sharing, and for the courage to speak the truth under pressure!
    I too, do not care for milk on it’s own,… but will drink it with chocolate in it! That’s how my husband gets me to drink milk : )
    Thank you again for the pearls,…

  2. What a delightful story. Truth won! As a child I would choose chocolate milk when I could (school lunches), but sadly, diet sodas became my go-to as a teen. I don’t them as often now, but I do enjoy a sweet taste without calories.

  3. I too love chocolate milk. Unfortunately, as an adult I seem to have developed a problem with dairy products. Even ice cream which is so annoying! A little cream in my coffee is all my stomach is able to handle these days. I may as well move across the border😂😂😂

    1. I’m so sorry to hear that you’re being plagued by lactose intolerance, Lisa. That stinks. Missing out on an ice cream treat must be very disappointing. I hope you have found something satisfying to replace the foods you cannot eat anymore. I know you’re quite the chef in the kitchen. We are the Dairy State, but we have other good foods too, so please stay. 🙂

  4. My mom was constantly fighting a battle with me to drink milk as a child. I would have to sit at the table until it was gone. I can remember sitting there for at least an hour and refusing to drink it. I don’t drink it all the time, but I do like chocolate milk made with Hershey’s syrup. Hmmm…I just got up to look and sure enough it has 10 grams added sugar. I’ll have to see if some of the other choices don’t have as much sugar to make it a healthier option. And I LOVE Atkins dark chocolate or milk chocolate protein shakes, although they have gotten way pricey in the past few years. I too bought the pre-made chocolate milk when my granddaughter was visiting and she didn’t like it. I always made her the Hershey’s kind. A toast to chocolate milk 🙂

    1. Great memories, Deb. 🙂 (Except maybe having to sit for so long to drink the milk.) I’m glad you discovered adding chocolate. Maybe if you add a smaller serving into the milk, that would cut the sugar? Just an idea if you can’t find a sugar-free option.

      I had to go grab a cup. LOL Thanks for sharing.

  5. Nice blog, the truth is always the best.. milk does have a lot difference tastes and chocolate helps everything taste better. Enjoyed your visit last week 😄

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