Tactile methods for learning letters, numbers

Tactile methods for learning letters, numbers

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I used some different tactile methods when my children were learning their letters and numbers or even just learning to draw a straight line or squiggle.

Here is a list of different substances you can use for your children to โ€œwriteโ€ numbers and letters with their finger and then erase them to start over.

  1. Draw in a tray of sand, wet or dry
  2. Write in a tray of rice
  3. Spray shaving cream on the table and let them create and write in it.
  4. Use a piece of string or yarn to make the numbers, letters, shapes
  5. Roll the play dough into the numbers, letters, shapes
  6. Use a chalkboard or white board to practice printing letters and numbers
  7. Make cookies and let the child write the letter or number in frosting on the cookie
  8. Layout certain letters or numbers with toothpicks
  9. Trace chalk or a damp finger over your cut-out sandpaper numbers on your flashcards (mentioned in the March 7 blog)

For a special treat, try using edible substances. After tracing is done, the child eats the treat. Of course, you will want to use a plate and make sure their little hands are clean prior to beginning the exercises. Edible substances include the following:

  1. Pudding
  2. Whipped cream
  3. Frosting (may need to be thinned)

Trying these varies the lessons and makes it more interesting and fun for the young students. One of the joys of homeschooling is creating fun memories in the various learning opportunities.

When kids are learning to count, they can also have a lesson where they count M&M candies or nuts. Once they complete their counting, they get rewarded with the treat.

Check out my last blog for more ideas!

What are some ways youโ€™ve taught your children their numbers and letters?

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    1. Thanks, Gretchen! I hope parents and grandparents will enjoy these ideas with their preschoolers and kindergartners. Different methods of learning help kids remember better and perhaps create some fun memories. ๐Ÿ™‚

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