Depend on changes–that’s life

Depend on changes–that’s life

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A year has come and gone since I mentioned the big changes on the horizon. Those changes plus others came along. What a journey it has been!

Expected and unexpected changes

Rather than just one son purchasing a home, two did. The oldest moved to a new job, thus he eventually moved to a new city. My son who searched for the fixer upper found a home that needs some finishing and lots of yard work. He has some remodeling plans.

My third son graduated from college and started working full-time in his field. He bought his first used vehicle.

My oldest daughter drives to work and to school and to friends’ houses. She loves her job.

Our homeschool concluded by June. Yes, it felt odd in August not filling out the state form and pouring through books to make lesson plans. Going through her boxes of schoolwork and selecting some to save and others to recycle felt bittersweet.

Some overlap

My youngest joined the cross-country team so we attend meets now and yell encouragement. Uniform washing and ironing became a new weekly chore. Sometimes the uniform flaps on the line like the football, baseball, and track jerseys and uniforms once did. Her first meet was on a windy August afternoon at home. This first was my first such event so I didn’t know what I was doing as I skirted around taking pictures and cheering on her and the team.

She’s my last child to send to our local high school. I cheer her on, although I mourn the loss of close-knit homeschool days.

My baby has had lots of firsts in the last few weeks. She also moved to her brother’s former bedroom which meant some painting and carpet cleaning, some new curtains and more going through stuff—rearranging, tossing, recycling, or donating. Her former room became my office, which, yes, meant more sorting through stuff and cleaning and painting.

Fresh paint and a quilt made by a great aunt and friend are always welcome changes.

Periodic rearranging good

Her bed went to her other brother’s room which meant rearranging and sorting for him. Moving means deciding what you need to keep, what you want to keep, and what you don’t need anymore. Everyone needs to do this. I need to reorganize more, I suppose, so it isn’t such a monumental task.

Shuffling the home around unsettles before it settles, you know?

A young friend rented her first apartment and needed some furniture. I gladly donated some to her cause.

The garage appears larger since there is less in it. I like all the new looks. I like having less stuff in the house.

The older boys visit and keep in touch regularly so that is super nice of them. I appreciate being included.

More changes in the coming year

The changes in the coming year should be on a smaller scale so I can settle in to the new routines, new school, new job. My mother-in-law is going to be downsizing so I know that will involve me. I suspect that means more sorting, cleaning, rearranging.

New extra curriculars for the girls are on the horizon too. College visits and applications loom in the next twelve months. That’s enough to catch my breath and trigger some tears for this mama-heart, but those are fun, exciting moments too.

My life remains intertwined with that of my kids for at least four more years. The empty nest years seem to loom ever so close. I suppose I may enjoy them when they get here, but from here, they look a little lonely and quiet. I shall fill them with new adventures and with other people I have yet to meet.

Excitement and changes in the next year primarily deal with how I will occupy my time with my writing endeavors. So, although I meant to jump into that already, now that school has started, my new chapter will begin. My toe is in the water. I’m wading in deeper.

Since change is inevitable, it is healthier to be able to embrace it. My uncle told me that my grandmother said something like that. I will work to remember that in this season of transition.

What were some of your big changes in the last year? What change do you foresee in the coming year? My prayers go with you.

This blog refers back to the following blog from last year:

Whatever life changes come my way, I’m in it with this guy.

8 Replies to “Depend on changes–that’s life”

  1. You are going to have fun with this new life! I used to love new jobs and moving to new places. It puts a spark in your step.

  2. Michelle, don’t count on an empty, quiet house once the empty next appears. Your children will be calling you, emailing you, popping in on you, inviting you to their homes for meals and birthday parties, eventually asking you to help with the new baby, etc., etc. Life will still be exciting. Just in a different way. You will LOVE it. I guarantee it!

  3. LOVE THE PIC OF YOU AND PAT!!!!! It’s great to know that you have someone by your side for the long haul.

    As you know, Michelle, my life just threw me a HUGE (well huger than normal) curve ball. I’m still trying to figure it all out. So this was a very timely message.

    Love & Hugs!!!!

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