Evidence for Christianity abounds

Evidence for Christianity abounds

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Do you want evidence that the Bible is true? Many people have questions about Christianity. They wonder about the Bible’s reliability and how some of the incredible stories within could be real. Today, I’ll share with you three books that discuss historical documentation, archeological discoveries, and scientific proof. They are The Signature of God by Grant R. Jeffrey, Why I Believe by Chip Ingram, and The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel.

Evidence in the writings

In The Signature of God, Jeffrey shares about specific stories in the Bible. Experts in history, archaeology, science, and math provide well documented evidence in a wealth of information that was tested in multiple ways. Critics objected and challenged the findings, of course, but the results after being analyzed by computer programs determined the judges were both valid and neutral in their design. I’m glad I don’t have to recreate all the research, that it can be easily read and evaluated in books. This book takes time to read and digest.

Evidences in academia

If you prefer a conversational tone as with a friend, Chip Ingram’s book is a quick and easy read that also covers historical and scientific statistics to back up why he believes in the resurrection of Christ. In one chapter, Ingram says, “I am a thinking, analytical, scientifically oriented follower of Jesus who has come to the intellectual and faith conclusion that life is best explained by a personal God who created, rather than the result of random chance over billion’s of years.” This book proves that critics should not call Christians unintelligent or gullible. While atheists may declare academia proves believers misguided, evidence shows that academia supports what the Bible says.

Perhaps you find what you’re looking for either way, but if you want justification and facts to back up your faith, they exist.

Overwhelming evidence found

If you still want more statistics, check out Lee Strobel’s The Case for Christ. With this book, you can also find versions written for students, for kids, for young readers, in an answer book series, and even in a movie. Strobel set out to prove Christianity bogus. This former atheist has written other books supporting the Christian faith also. A former atheist and legal editor for the Chicago Tribune, he is now a teaching pastor. His research changed his life in a major way. This book is so packed with statistics and evidence that it needs to be read slowly in small chunks to digest. He looks at eye witness evidence and tries to find flaws. He looks at psychological and medical evidence, circumstantial evidence. It’s quite overwhelming. His verdict: the Bible tells us the truth.

My family and I met Lee Strobel at a speaking event once. You can read about it in this past blog.

Resources give people something to think about

All three authors tell readers not to just take their word, but to search for themselves and discover that Christianity deserves an honest look. If you choose to believe, your life will be transformed in ways you’ll never regret. Evidence exists, and these books will back you up if someone cares to argue.

You choose. What decision have you made?

If you’re searching for answers and like tough questions proven, please check out these books which you can find at bookstores, online, or at your library.

Sometimes we can’t see the forest because of the trees.

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