Examples of how God is in the details

Examples of how God is in the details

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Last week, I shared about how God answered my longing to see a bald eagle in the wild. He answered another prayer that involved cats.

I love my feline friends. When my youngest daughter was a baby, I told God that someday I wanted a cat with lots of white. As with my eagle request, I forgot this wish until I realized one day He had answered it, not once, but twice. I tried to remember other answered prayers to show myself how the Lord had been working in my life though I remained blind to His replies. These experiences shouted: if God answers insignificant wishes, why do we think he won’t answer the major ones?

Examples of answered prayer

At first things like bills getting paid when finances were tight came to mind. The story about the replacement for a lost saw surfaced. And of course my daughter’s recovery from her mysterious uneven legs topped the list. But then I marveled at the one about the cat.

Cats with white stand out in their cleanness. White dogs need lots of baths to stay white. Their fur yellows and browns, but cats remain pristine. White horses roll in the mud, but white cats remain regal and poised. As a child, my white pet rabbit didn’t stay completely white. No, cats keep themselves white.

So I wanted a cat with lots of white.

When this struck me, my cat Bandit sauntered by. Wow! He has lots of white. He’s so pretty. My husband picked him out when getting another pet was the last thing on my mind. Then you know the story of Mittens. Mittens has a white front and dainty white paws. She keeps her fur immaculate too. I never told my husband of this wish. Until now, he didn’t know this.

God hears all and is in details

So, be encouraged. Start looking for your own answered prayers. If you have believed the lie that God answers other people’s prayers and desires, but not yours, think again. He doesn’t have favorites. His steadfast promises remain true for each of us now and always.

Please share some of yours with us! I’d love to hear about them.

Remember: The Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth. He fulfills the desires of those who fear him; he hears their cry and saves them. (Psalm 145:18-19).

Press on my friend! God is working on your behalf too. If God fulfills an insignificant desire, He surely works on the more impactful parts of our life!

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  1. The one that comes to mind at once is about a dream I had one night. The Lord wakened me and simply said to pray for my brother, David. No details, just pray for David. I did! God gave me peace and I went back to sleep. Two days later I called my brother and asked if anything significant had happened to him the day before. Laid back, like he is, he said “We-l-l, yes!” He was working on his car, in their garage, which is underneath their house. A spark leaped to a gas water heater and blew up. David was burned on his arms (later had to have skin grafting), but was otherwise spared from what could have been much worse. Whenever I think of it I thank and praise God for waking me up that night.

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