Outreach ideas for Valentine’s Day

Outreach ideas for Valentine’s Day

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At school, teachers make sure that everyone gets valentines on Valentine’s Day, but since February can be a cold and lonely month for some, I’m offering suggestions for you to do with your children to brighten the lives of others this Valentine’s Day. Here are some outreach ideas to consider. While you may reach out on Valentine’s Day, any day works.

Send a card

Besides offering valentines to classmates and family members, send a few cards or make some cards to give out to the elderly or shut-in people in your neighborhood. If you’d like to go bigger, visit or drop off your cards at a nursing home. (Be sure to call ahead to make sure that visitors are welcome. If there is sickness there, they may want you to postpone your visit.) You may include individually wrapped candies or baked treats also. Perhaps you know someone fighting a disease such as cancer that prevents him or her from going out in crowds. Pay that person a visit too.

Perform a mini concert or read to person

If you’re musically talented, perhaps you can perform a mini concert with a few songs beforehand. Or, if you have a comedian in the family, have him or her share some funny jokes and stories.

If you and your children like to read, read a story to some residents. Kids learning to read may show off their budding skills to people, who will applaud their efforts and appreciate the attention. (If you go to a nursing home for this, ask the staff beforehand who would be good choices for this because some residents with hearing problems or who are sad or grumpy might not make a good choice for this one.)

Become a pen pal

Some senior living facilities like to encourage letters to their residents. Some pen pals will even write back! Your children can ask about what it was like for them when they were growing up. This is a great way to make friends with the older generation and to learn history through a person who lived it.

Work a puzzle, play a game

Another idea is to work a puzzle or play cards or a boardgame with someone who is shut in. These activities invite conversation and laughter and a bit of fun competitiveness.

Share a craft, offer a free service


Do you have a child who likes to sew, knit or crochet? Perhaps he or she would like to make lap blankets or warm scarves for those going out into the frigid temperatures? Sharing items we make provides joy to the recipient and satisfaction of a job well-done for the giver.

Another idea is to perform a service such as shoveling a sidewalk and driveway or picking up groceries when it is icy out.

Look around your church and extended family. Are there any elderly people you would like to encourage or adopt? Reach out this Valentine’s Day to make a new friend.

These are some outreach ideas that will bless others in your neighborhood and life. Small acts of kindness make a big difference. What other outreach ideas do you have? Please share in the comments.

I hope you have a nice Valentine’s Day blessing others.

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*The bottom picture features hats and a scarf in progress knitted by my teen daughter.

8 Replies to “Outreach ideas for Valentine’s Day”

  1. All good ideas. I love that hat at the bottom…maybe you can send me instructions. If I started now I might be able to finish one by Christmas 🙂 I haven’t knit for a very long time. It is refreshing to see kids and young adults thinking about someone other than themselves. Happy Valentine’s Day

    1. Thanks, Deb. She used a loom for that particular hat. I haven’t knit for awhile either, so recently when I tried, I had to ask her what to do. The terrible thing about this is I am the one who taught her. I’m going to knit something next to refresh my memory. Meanwhile, she is busy creating and thinking of who to bless. Perhaps you would like to try on that hat? Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your family, as well.

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