Reusing items saves money

Reusing items saves money

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You can save money by reusing items instead of throwing them away.

One year, I wanted Christmas stockings for my family. Rather than buy them at the store, I went through old clothes that I didn’t wear anymore and fabric leftovers that I keep for some unknown reason and used these materials to make the stockings pictured above. I borrowed a friend’s pattern, but if you are good at drawing, you could create your own simple design using a large piece of paper or newspaper to ensure that cutting remains even and uniform.

Sharing patterns with others is a good way to save money. I once bought a pattern to make hooded ponchos. My daughters and I each made a poncho for ourselves. A neighbor asked to borrow the pattern to make her own. The pattern included a small range of sizes, which was helpful also.

Other ideas for reusing items

Here are some other ideas to try.

  1. You can wash the cereal and cake mix wax paper bags and cut them to use as covers when microwaving food. (This tip from my neighbor helps me keep the microwave clean. I usually use wax paper or a paper napkin or paper towel to do this job. Trying this will make my roll of wax paper last longer.)
  2. Wash out the plastic zip bags and reuse them. I do this for baked items, but not for cheeses and meats.
  3. Use the netting around your turkey as a scrubber for scouring pans. (This tip was told to me by a friend whose elderly mother does this. It cleaned my stovetop.)
  4. Cut up old clothes to use as rags. Cottons work best. Jeans, not so much.
  5. Carry your own reusable water bottle instead of buying bottled water.
  6. Use clothes pins to keep bags closed rather than fancy bag clips.
  7. Use the blank side of junk mail and tear them into quarter-sized sheets for scrap paper for taking down phone messages or other notes. I used such scraps when I brainstormed for this blog.
  8. Wash and reuse plastic silverware.
  9.  Use fudge jars for your freezer jams.

A bonus idea

While I have not used jeans in sewing projects, I know people who have with really cute results. If you’re handy and creative, you can make your own purse or tote bag using jeans. Kids in 4-H sewing may love this.

What other ideas can you share with us for saving money by reusing items?

2 Replies to “Reusing items saves money”

  1. Me too! I reuse baggies, aluminum foil, and parchment paper and plastic silverware. I prefer clothespins instead of the plastic clips, and all our rags are from old towels or t-shirts. Hand-me-downs are a form of reusing clothes. I’ve passed on purses and clothes to friends and have received the same that I’ve enjoyed.

    1. Thanks, Gretchen! Hand-me-downs and sharing items we no longer need with others is another great tip that I forgot about. Thanks for adding it in there. 🙂 Sharing our gently used items is a blessing to others and receiving is a blessing to us. We have been blessed this way many times over the years too.

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