Some items make Christmas special

Some items make Christmas special

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Here we are at the end of another year, embracing Christmas 2019. Today, I thought I’d share some Christmas memories with lots of pictures. The best way to celebrate Christmas is to love each other as memories attest. Some items make Christmas special like ornaments or activities.

As Thanksgiving approached, I wasn’t sure we’d be ready for Christmas. The last two months have been a whirlwind of activity because my mother-in-law downsized and moved closer to us. The huge undertaking of packing up a home of over 40 years overwhelms a person at times. We moved her over Thanksgiving. I hosted Thanksgiving, also, so you can imagine how busy that was. This took our attention away from Christmas.

Emily loves decorating for Christmas, however. Our window of opportunity for decorating came on Thanksgiving evening. Somehow we decorated in record time. My girls put on most of the tree ornaments. I love unpacking the special ornaments. I’m not sure they all got on this year, but it is what it is. At least the house is decorated inside for Christmas!

Special memories include ornaments

These are some of my special ornaments:

My second cousin, Sarah, who happened to be one of my nurses when my first baby was born, gifted us this tiny shoe ornament. It’s extra special, of course.

Someone–I believe my brother, Mike, and his family–blessed us with this teddy bear ornament for our second son.

When I wrote a story about a doll collector, and she learned I had a new son, she insisted I take this ornament. This is my special ornament for my third son. This link shares the story about the doll collector:

All my special ornaments relate to my children. Other favorites include ornaments with my children’s photos inside, including some they made themselves. Do you have a special ornament?


Everything special ties in with my children. One year, my daughters helped me sew Christmas stockings. We recycled material from old clothes and used old buttons on some. Each unique, thick, and durable stocking hangs along the stairs with lights intertwined and sparkling.

These stockings make it look as if I am crafty, but I’m not. As I hinted in the Thanksgiving memories blog, my attempt at making a gingerbread nativity flopped. Of course, we all laugh about it now, but at the time, embarrassed and discouraged better fit the mood descriptions.

Ugly, isn’t it? We just frosted the broken pieces. It looks more like a hovel. Well, the boys enjoyed eating it anyway.

Mike felt sorry for my boys so gave us a kit. This one turned out better, but it’s still leaning. LOL

By the time the girls came along, we had moved where a talented neighbor shared her talents. The results are more admirable, as you can see.

Tinier, too.

Bonding moments

Bonding over putting toys and projects together is also a part of Christmas.

As is fun outdoors over a break from school.

So, where ever Christmas finds you this year, may you cherish your memories, hug those loved ones, laugh, and enjoy each other. Loving each other is the greatest gift. It’s the one, I’m sure, pleases the Lord the most as we celebrate his birth.

I hope you enjoyed some of my thoughts on special ornaments and memories.

Merry Christmas, friends!

I’d love to hear some of your special memories! Please share. God bless you all!

See you next year!

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  1. I remember one special ornaments on my parents Christmas Tree. A little blue trumpet. As a child, I always watched for it to be hung on the tree. When my mother died, over thirty-five years ago now, I inherited that little ornament. It now hangs on my tree and brings back wonderful memories each year.

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