Three ways to break routines and reenergize

Three ways to break routines and reenergize

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Three ways to break routine and reenergize

I noticed that breaking routines invigorates a body.

Here are some recent examples of how I broke my routines.

Eat something different to engage taste sensory

Instead of eating fruit for breakfast, I ate a cold oatmeal recipe. Yeah, I know, cold oatmeal. Yuck. Sounds unappetizing, but with this recipe, I measure the ingredients into a plastic drinking glass that has a lid. Once all the ingredients are in the glass, I secure the lid and shake it up good, and put it in the refrigerator overnight. Delicious.

Three ways to break routine and reenergize

Change scenery to spark routines

Rather than walk around my neighborhood or on the nearby trails, I spent an afternoon trekking through woods. Soon I found myself piling up trash to be discarded later, taking pictures of red fungi on a decaying piece of wood, and discovering piles of corn cobs near a fence—maybe evidence of a huge raccoon party last fall. The balmy day enticed me to linger, so I explored the dirt road that hooked up to a curvy, county highway, and walked to some bridges to trace the creek up to the woods I had just left. The air, still holding a bit of spring crispness, energized me. I wanted to walk on, but my husband said it was getting late, and we had to go home. Maybe just getting out into nature boosts one’s mood, or maybe it’s breaking free from the routine.

Accept challenges to change up routines

Because I like to learn, I join Bible studies or classes. Yes, I search for answers and discover some I didn’t even realize I wanted to know. I joined James and Taylor Rubart’s Rubart Writing Academy’s 30-Day Challenge mid-March. Some of their challenges included giving up social media and texting for a day and going 24 hours without complaining. These offered relief and freedom on one hand and eye-opening revelations on the other.

These are just little things, but little changes can lead to big things. Routines comfort me and keep me productive, but life grows dull if I never discover new things. Our spirits lift with renewed health and vigor just changing up the day a bit. Anticipating and discovering add some positive sparks into the day too.

Please share your own tips for adding excitement into your life. Maybe it’s something quiet like I did, or maybe it’s something daring. I can’t wait to hear from you.

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  1. After reading this, I realize I haven’t mixed things up in a while – not in my walks, recipes, routines. You’ve motivated me to reexamine my ways and see where I can spice things up.

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