Under construction: little steps make progress

Under construction: little steps make progress

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I’m living in a construction zone, which reminds me to remember that little steps add up to the completion of big projects.

This summer, I’ve watched my rural subdivision go from country to more town-like. New homes block my view of the wildlife racing through the field or grazing in the waning sunlight. And it all started with digging a hole.

Noise levels became a constant from 6:30 a.m. until 8 p.m. some days. A few days even earlier or later, depending on their goals. Hearing the beeping of machines backing up blended with my alarm clock some mornings.

After the foundations were in, the framing began. Then the roofs and siding.

Fifteen houses line both sides of the street behind me that weren’t there two months ago. Now, construction workers busy themselves with building the insides. Step by step this colossal project gets closer to completion. Experts press on with electrical, HVAC, plumbing, wells, septic systems, counter tops, cabinets, flooring, etc.

All the beeping and pounding made me think about the construction going on in my own life. You know how time slips by and stress mounts when you look at your goals and see very little progress? Frustrating.

Baby steps accompany most projects

For some projects, the foundation looks secure. Yet for others, I’m still laying the stable and solid foundation. When I get discouraged, am I looking only at the exterior, or am I considering internal changes? Sometimes it looks and feels like I’m spinning my wheels and wasting time. I question everything. Maybe I’m feeling like I’m going nowhere, but God is taking me somewhere. I just can’t see it because I’m in the middle of it all.

Some days I see lots of progress on the homes rising in my neighborhood. Other days, it appears quiet, except for the echos of hammers or the arrival of trucks bearing materials for the inside construction. Even though I can’t see the work being done, it’s getting done.

God’s construction continues

God works on my insides every day, but in all the noise I can’t hear it. In all the mess, I can’t see it. Have you been in this spot too? Most growth is unnoticeable. I can’t see a tree growing day by day, but I notice how tall it gets over the years.

One day, I will see what God constructed with my life, as you will with yours. For now, we need to trust and keep moving forward. Each little step adds to the final product of each of us. I pray we’ve laid a strong foundation and used the best materials for our lives and those in our care. I pray the projects which busy our days will bring glory to God.

We’re all works in progress. Each day matters. Each life matters. Our work matters.

Sometimes we get discouraged. Don’t forsake small beginnings. Just as my neighborhood changed, one day, we will each look back and see what we fail to see in this moment. Little steps always move us. We just can’t rush if we expect lasting contributions.

What is a big project you are tackling now?

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