Seeing God act never gets old

Seeing God act never gets old

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God moments happen when I least expect them. Seeing God act never gets old. For me, two such times happened under stress.

Sometimes I forget the faithfulness and goodness of God. I wrestle with a decision or a choice. I lash out in anger. Why, God? I seek guidance but feel stuck. Then SMACK. I get an answer loud and clear, and I wonder why I stumble, fret, or doubt.

Answered prayers

God brought husband on a bike

Not long ago, anger urged my stride longer and faster. As I walked, I fumed to God about how I felt things were going in an ongoing discussion with my husband. Beyond frustrated, I considered another confrontation. They never go well. Unheard. Misunderstood. Alone.

“If he doesn’t get on a bike and follow me, this is going to turn into another fight.” I scowled. My fists clenched. I was sick and tired of running around the same stupid bush.

My phone dinged. I looked at a message from my husband. He wanted to know where I was walking. I punched in the response, blew out a long breath, and probably rolled my eyes.

I continued storming through my 4.5 miles. At the turn around point, I felt hopeful that he was pedaling my way. Still he wasn’t in sight. I figured I dreamed up this idea that he’d actually come. He doesn’t usually take a walk with me, and as far as I can remember, he had never sought me out on my walk.

When I saw his form in the distance, I bit back a smile. Seeing God act catches my attention. God knew how upset I was, and He nudged my husband to get on the bike. I know it was God. Somehow I felt it when the phone chimed and got my attention. I realized in that moment, God IS with me all the time and hears me even if others might not.

God brought elder to anoint sick child

How did I know? Because God had done this before, except during a time when our youngest was very sick. As I cared for my daughter one Sunday morning, I texted my husband who was at church to ask an elder to come pray over her. She suffered strange, long-lasting sicknesses where she couldn’t keep anything down. Insisting she sip teaspoons of water or Pedialyte grew tedious but necessary. During one bout, the doctor wanted to hospitalize her.

No one knew what was wrong. We’d been praying, but exhaustion pushed me to ask for more help in the praying department.

When my husband got home, he hadn’t even looked at his phone so nobody was coming. This upset me, but as I prepared our meal, I continued to talk to God about the situation.

“It’s up to you, God,” I said, but I glared at my husband. How could he not check his phone when he’s always checking his phone because of work. Grrr.

Meanwhile God told an elder to come anoint our daughter with oil and pray over her. When the doorbell rang and I saw who was at the door, I knew God answered my prayer.

God acts when we pray even if we miss it

Sometimes I feel so unheard, so alone. Do you get in these slumps?

Thank You, God, for never leaving us, for always hearing us, for always knowing.

People will always manage to let us down throughout life, but God is working, and while we may feel unseen, unknown, unloved, unwanted, whatever—God is there. You are never alone. You are always seen, heard, known, and loved.

May we have eyes, ears, and hearts ready so we catch the answers when He sends them.

Seeing God act on my behalf never gets old. I needed that encouragement.

What prayer has God answered for you? Please share.

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8 Replies to “Seeing God act never gets old”

    1. You’re welcome, Jill. I am blessed and encouraged, too, when I hear stories of God moving among us and answering our prayers, especially when I’m struggling with discouragement or wrestling with something. Even when my world seems right, it catches my breath to hear these stories. We can always marvel at His work. Have a wonderful holiday weekend with your family. Thanks for sharing.

  1. God has answered many prayers for me. From bringing a prodigal child back to Him, to surviving breast cancer and it’s awful side affects 15 years ago, to the small everyday prayers I ask and God answers. He is always listening and will answer in His way. His answer is always best.

  2. Isn’t that fun to see God act?! I saw God change my husband’s heart toward having more than two children. He’d always been dead set on having only two, but after our second was born, I had a hard time accepting that was the end. I told God he’d have to change Wayne’s mind, because I’d tried for 7 years and it didn’t work. A short time later, out of the blue, he said he wanted to have another child. When I asked him what changed his mind, he couldn’t say. He just felt like someone was missing, that our family wasn’t yet complete. What a sweet answer to prayer and how exciting to see God act!

  3. Every day that Lynn is out driving for RSVP I ask God to keep him safe. He has done that for about fifteen years and THOUSANDS of miles. Also, about a year and a half ago, our little dog, Max was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor. When we asked how long he might live, the Vet. said it could break as soon as we got home, or he could live up one year. He is still going strong. God also answered prayers for healing of breast cancer. I have now been cancer free for twenty-three years. To God be the glory and the praise!

    1. Yes, Donna, we have so much to be thankful for! I’m so glad that you and Max are doing well and that Lynn is safe in his travels. Our daily prayers are so important. I join you in giving glory and praise to God. Thanks for taking time to share. It inspires us all to press on.

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