Do you get enough sleep?

Do you get enough sleep?

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Do you get enough sleep?

The last few months, I’ve been tired because my sleep is disrupted. Not enough sleep leaves me groggy and sometimes grumpy. I used to get enough—once my children slept through the night and I figured out what worked for me. But now, I’ve come to value a good night’s rest again because I wake more than usual. It’s frustrating to say the least.

In the evening while reading in the living room, I start to nod off. I used to never get sleepy reading unless it was a boring textbook. Now, I doze in my chair. When I decide to go to bed, I lie there for hours waiting. I have half a notion to just stay on the couch.

Losing sleep

Taking Melatonin hasn’t helped me fall asleep, nor has it kept me from waking up several times during the night. Irritated, I beg God to help me. Sometimes I just get up and get to work. Other times, if I do fall asleep, my husband turns off the alarm clock and I wake up late. It’s nice waking refreshed, but then I feel guilty for sleeping in.

My body is in transition. It heats up like a burning furnace and then plummets into freezing depths. I may even be starting to annoy my husband by throwing off the covers and then tugging them tight around me as I shiver.

Proper sleep, nutrition & exercise needed

According to an article that I read on, adequate sleep is as important for our health as eating right and exercising. They mentioned that sleep patterns impact behavior and academic performance for children. I’m sure it applies to adults too.

The article mentioned a good night’s sleep helps people to be more productive, have better concentration, and better health. Sleeping well allows our body’s blood pressure to regulate itself thus lowering body inflammation and helping the body repair, regenerate and recover, including helping to fight off infection. Lack of sleep can affect our weight and can be linked to depression.

Amount needed varies

Adults need 7-9 hours of sleep. Children, of course, need more. Teens need 8-10; 6-12-year-olds need 9-12; and 3-5-year-olds need 10-13. Babies and toddlers need even more.

To improve sleep, experts say to not sleep in if you are well rested, go to bed at the same time, spend more time outside, exercise, and reduce stress. Yikes! I try to do all that, though this year is an anomaly when it comes to stress.

Friends and family report variances in how long this mid-life transition will take, and no one knows when our lives will resemble pre-Covid again. But for now, I’m really missing a good night’s rest, uninterrupted. Perhaps I will need to learn a new schedule?

How many hours do you need? What do you do when you wake up in the night?

I pray you have restful nights.

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12 Replies to “Do you get enough sleep?”

  1. Some nights, I get 7-9 hours of sleep. Last night, I had bone aches, which happens sometimes. So, my sleep was interrupted many times. Today, I feel exhausted. Hopefully, tonight will be a better night of sleep. 🙂

    1. Michelle ,
      What a encouraging article.
      Not that I’m glad no one else is having sleep troubles these days … But when your in the situation you begin to think your alone ! I mean after All GOD SAYS HE gives sleep to those HE loves ! I guess maybe HES showing us how even a good nites sleep should not be taken for granted , and is to be appreciated. I have had tears just flowing over my sleep disrupting me and endless hours of tossing and turning . GOD has now begun to restore my sleep again and I truly realize how even sleep is a precious gift from GOD to be thankful for . ..

      1. That’s so true, Tammy. I didn’t realize until it became disrupted so much what a gift it is. It really is frustrating! I’m glad you are starting to get better sleep again.Thanks for taking time to share. I’m glad you were encouraged. You have encouraged me, as well. Praying you have a good night’s rest.

  2. Normally I sleep about 8 hours. I sleep quite well, although I do have to get up once or twice during the night to use the bathroom (old age creeping up); however lately I have not been sleeping very well. My newly inserted cochlear implant is behind my right ear. I normally sleep on my right side, but now I must not to sleep on that side for several weeks. I have a few weeks to go yet. But God is good. I just take naps during the day.

    1. I’m sorry the cochlear implant is disrupting your sleep, Donna. I hope the benefits of hearing better outweigh any annoyances. I think I need to take naps during the day, too. LOL Thanks so much for taking time to share. I pray your nights will be more restful and comfortable soon.

  3. So funny, as I have this discussion with people all of the time. My body clock is way, WAY out of whack, which became possible when I started working from home in 1993, and did so for the next 26 years. No need for alarm clocks, because working at midnight was easier than working at 8 a.m. for me. I take several *concoctions* to help me with sleep, and some work, or work for awhile, and then don’t. And I had to laugh Michelle, because I have been in the blankets on/blankets off mode for at least 15 years or so. Even as a teen, I craved sleep, and I still do. But now my body clock doesn’t shut down til sometime between midnight-3 a.m., which means my rising time is more like noon’ish to get 8-9 hours. And now that I no longer have a job, I find myself wanting to take a nap most every afternoon. Sometimes I hit a wall, where I just need more, and do a marathon 15-16 hours of sleeping and still need an alarm to wake up from that. I have said that when I no longer have a horse I have to do chores for, I am going to check into a motel, lock the door with “Do Not Disturb,” turn off my phone, and sleep for 3 days 🙂 As far as helpful advice…have you tried a white noise machine? I can’t sleep without background noise. Now they have what is also called pink and brown noise…you can test it out by downloading an app on your phone and see if it helps.

    1. Oh, no, not 15 years! LOL That is a good suggestion about the white noise. I didn’t know there was such a thing as pink or brown noise until you told me, but I sort of forgot about it. I will check into that. I recently read another suggestion of writing a prayer journal before bed to help relieve stress. I will have to try both. Thanks for sharing, Deb. May you have a restful weekend. 🙂

  4. I struggle with sleep, too. Cooler temperatures and a white noise machine help sometimes. Sleepy Time tea has helped some, too. I’ll go several nights without a good rest, then zonk out for a long sleep as if my body just crashes. Sometimes I read at night, sometimes I clean, sometimes I just lay there for hours, letting my body rest even when my mind will not. Don’t feel guilty about sleeping in when it’s needed! Sleep is so important.

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