Answered prayers: more examples

Answered prayers: more examples

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This week, I’m going to continue with stories of how God has answered prayers. These stories involve family members I pray for.

Accidents happen. My sister-in-law’s children were in an accident on their way to school one day. If memory serves me right, they were fine, but the car was not. I remember feeling the need to pray for them that morning. Have you ever had such an experience? Pay attention to such nudges.

Other times the answers are from daily prayers.

Avoided collisions

We were on our way to celebrate my dad’s birthday at my sister’s home, about an hour away from our home. My parents were with us. We considered letting our youngest daughter who had her learner’s permit drive to get some experience with city driving, but at the last minute, we decided my husband would drive. On the way, a vehicle going well over the speed limit zipped past us, pushing us into the ditch to avoid a head on collision with oncoming traffic. Had our less-experienced driver been at the wheel, she wouldn’t have acted as swiftly to get to the gravel. As it was, we were all shaken up by the near-collision. The speeder disappeared ahead of us.  This scenario has happened more than once during our travels, and each time, we are grateful for the Lord’s watching over us.

When our youngest son was driving on the interstate near Milwaukee, a front tire came off. By God’s grace, he got off on the side without losing control, and the rolling tire hit no one. When you’re driving fast on the interstate, you don’t expect to lose a tire. The vehicle received moderate damage. Our middle son and my husband met our youngest at the scene to assist. They were able to get another tire and drive the vehicle home.

Our middle son was hauling a trailer for work somewhere near Minnesota when a wheel began wobbling. Unaware of the problem, he drove until a couple in a car waved to him and let him know of the problem. He slowed and got off the interstate to have it repaired. We are grateful for those people alerting him and to God for keeping the situation from worsening.

More answered prayers

My niece Shelbie has her own miracle story. On her way home from work, a semi struck her. She was pregnant with her miracle baby, Oliver. He was born at 25 weeks gestational because of preeclampsia complications brought on by her own healing from the accident. Oliver is a healthy kindergartner today.

More recently, while driving to a luncheon date with my sister and cousin, I noticed a car traveling fast toward an upcoming intersection. I saw the stop sign and thought the person would slow. When the person didn’t, I slowed. Thank God, I listened to that nudge, because that car blew through that stop sign. A terrible crash would have resulted had I not been alert.

Sometimes we need reminders when new situations cause us to worry. May my stories bring you hope. Please share in the comments your own stories of answered prayers.

God does hear our prayers. May we slow down enough to see them and give Him praise and thanksgiving.

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  1. Yes, it is amazing the “near misses” that occur. Some people say, “Well that was lucky.” As we know, it has nothing to do with luck. Thank you Lord for watching over us.

  2. I’m so thankful that God hears and answers our prayers! Imagine all the near misses we have that we don’t even notice!

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