Anxious cat solutions: Luna’s story

Anxious cat solutions: Luna’s story

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My son’s cat, Luna, came to live with us in December. I love cats, but Luna began some behaviors even I would not tolerate, so off to the vet we went. After several tests, we learned the prognosis: anxious cat.

Shopping challenges

This problem sent me to the pet food aisles of a big chain store. The vet offered a few tips which included moist food to increase water intake. The store failed to stock the wet food I searched for, which is just a wet version of the dry food we serve the four felines living in our home.

My poor vision caused me to take my glasses off to read the tiny print on the tiny cans. Sometimes anxious cat equals anxious mom.

While I searched, another customer perused the shelves. She told me her cat refused to eat beef, and because of allergies, it couldn’t eat chicken or turkey. Together we studied the cans. As she turned to go around the aisle, she told me her cat required steroid shots for her food allergies. She wished me luck.

Finding food for pets with allergies frustrates a person, I know. Our dog suffers from multiple issues. Let’s pray this doesn’t affect any of our other pets.

I grabbed a variety of canned food. Specific wet food will be found elsewhere.

Next, I moseyed over to the next aisle to check for a Feliway phenome product for anxious cats. If staring at the shelves hard brought the item, several options would have multiplied upon the shelves. As I stared, an employee arrived to stock shelves nearby. Mind you, I checked online to see if this store carried it before coming, so when I requested assistance, I thought she’d show me the way to the item.

“I have an anxious cat,” I said. “So, I need to find this Feliway diffuser or spray.”

“You have a WHAT?” Yes, she seemed incredulous. I repeated. After further questioning, she explained that was an online product. I sighed.

Of course, I neglected to see the part that said it was available only online. Humph.

I selected another product, a Sentry calming collar that promised to soothe Luna.

Luna’s story

As crazy as it sounds, it seems that it has helped. Less hissing, growling, and yowling has occurred. I am thankful. Still, if you’ve heard banshee-like screaming erupting in your house, you’d understand.

Luna attacks Bandit. Belle attacks Luna. Mittens scowls.

We’re going on four months with Luna. She’s improved. When she arrived, Luna greeted us in cobra-fashion. Because we know cats hate change, we sympathized with her confusion and fear.

That first day when my daughters opened the bathroom door, Luna fluffed up and hissed like a cobra, her thin, wiry body ready to spring. The girls shoved some food and water in and backed out and secured the door. 

The next day, we left the door ajar to let her explore the house. She slinked behind furniture, spying on us.

Our other cats and Luna hissed and made wide circles around each other. The dog chased her. When Luna slept on Emily’s bed, Mittens took offense and gave Emily the cold shoulder for a few days. After a week, Luna decided she could trust us.

Collar seems to work for anxious cat

Six weeks later, Luna approached us for petting and rubbed against us to claim us. Bandit, Mittens, and Belle flicked their tails in disapproval, but since we still provide them with attention and plenty of food, we figured everyone settled into tolerating each other at least.

Alas, nothing is ever simple.

The calming collar appears to be working. Still, I stay alert for litterbox issues. Loud screams may still jolt me awake in the middle of the night.

Prior to the vet visit, we locked Luna in the bathroom for a few days. The cats stopped fighting. Ah, peace. Alas, one can’t keep an animal locked up too long. Once medical issues were eliminated, we released her.

Anxious cat equals anxious people

I hope soon our anxious cat is no longer anxious. Her anxiety makes me anxious.

Things could always be worse.

Pass me that sedative, would you? Thanks. Now, please share your pet advice with us here. Have a calm week.

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4 Replies to “Anxious cat solutions: Luna’s story”

  1. We have had only one cat in our family. That was many years ago and we didn’t have him very long. On the other hand, we have had several dogs. Mostly males. For the most part, thunder has caused the most anxious moments for all of them. When thunder booms, usually at night it seems, we wrap our pet with a small blanket or put a “thunder shirt” on him, such as his rain-jacket, a crocheted sweater, or a small T-shirt kept near his bed for that purpose. Anything to make him feel more protected and secure. Cuddling him helps, too, but can gets tiring for you if the thunder lasts very long and it doesn’t always work with dogs. I don’t know about with cats. Hope this helps.

    1. We know Luna loves our son. Whenever he comes and she hears his voice, she runs to greet him. If he rests on the floor, she’ll be beside him insisting on a cheek rub. She comes to us for pets also but resists getting held. We’re working on it. Maybe she will be cuddly one day. You are right about staying calm and just continuing to be there for the pet. It sounds like your dogs liked security shirts and blankets. 🙂 Those are good ideas. Thanks for sharing, Donna.

  2. Sweet Luna! The poor dear really is anxious. I’m glad you are patient with her and that her new collar is helping to soothe her. Our cats freak out when the girls bring their dogs here. We keep the cats locked in the master bedroom with food, water and their favorite blankets and let them out when the dogs are on walks or potty breaks or sleeping. It’s a challenge, but we go to great lengths to protect and pamper our furry feline friends!

    1. We certainly go to great lengths to help them feel secure and safe. LOL I hope our four will soon be friends so peace and quiet can once again be the norm. Luna was attacked by other cats in the past, so she assumes everyone is out to get her, I guess. For some reason, Belle takes the most offense. She is the oldest and may remember a time when she was the lone cat in the household. 🙂 Anyway, I’m glad the collar helps. Thanks for sharing, Shari.

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