Restorer reflects common struggles

Restorer reflects common struggles

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Restorer reflects common struggles

The Sword of Lyric series entertains while addressing faith questions

Sharon Hinck’s The Sword of Lyric, four-book fantasy series addresses common struggles of the Christian faith and parenting, such as wrestling with doubts, fears, and letting go. The series includes The Restorer, The Restorer’s Son, The Restorer’s Journey, and The Deliverer. I love a good story, and these books tell great stories.

In The Restorer, the description of Susan speaks to a discouraged heart. Susan’s husband, Mark, creates a private space for Susan in the attic. For reasons unclear to her, she’s feeling low. She’s frustrated by the monotonous routine of her life as a mom and housewife. Why is it people can’t find their own socks? Interruptions block her attempts to journal. Self-help books share advice she fails to follow through on. Her temper grows short. Energy and enthusiasm wane. Children fight and don’t listen. The house thrives on chaos while she seeks some peace. Not only does Susan feel sad, but she feels guilty about it because she has so many reasons to be happy instead.

In the attic, she hears noises. Upon investigating, she finds nothing because her family left to go to the park. The sounds continue so she rummages through boxes and finds a tote of the children’s play clothes. As she hugs a toy shield, her heart aches as she wonders, “What happened to those whimsical days?”

The Restorer

This first chapter in The Restorer captures crazy, real mom-feelings. Can you relate? I loved the descriptions of Mark. They lighten up the chapter and share a perspective that made me laugh. I related to Susan, right down to her issues with balls, a fear that caused me plenty of problems in P.E.

Not long after Mark introduces Susan to her no-kid zone, she slips into another different and dangerous world where her mettle is tested and her perspective challenged.

Do you question what God’s plan is for your life, the value of your talents, gifts, purpose, and contributions? What rocks your confidence? How do you rid yourself of this dark accusation of insignificance? I bet you don’t want to fall into a portal that sends you into another dimension or world, but a fun adventure sounds inviting, right?

Maybe that’s the change you need—something out of the ordinary that gets your blood pumping again. Whatever it may be, Susan’s journey gives you something to think about.

Something poisons our minds in this world just as it does in the world Susan falls into. Someone also has a plan for us in this world as someone does in this other realm.

The Restorer’s Son

In the next book, The Restorer’s Son, another intense read, the theme covers fierce enemies we face, both in life and in the novel. God asks us to trust him. He only gives us enough information to take the next step. That’s where our faith comes in. The characters wrestle with doubts, fears, and confusion of is this really what I’m supposed to do when it’s so hard—all that we wrestle with in our own faith journeys. Clinging to the verses encourages us and reminds us that our powerful God is in charge and to call out to Him for help. Look for great reminders throughout this adventure. You never know how the story will end until it’s done. Then, of course, it teases you into the next book.

The Restorer’s Journey

The third book, The Restorer’s Journey, digs into the insecurities we feel as we try to discern the direction God wants us to take in our lives. God requires us to take steps of faith in the direction He indicates. With such little information, plenty of opportunities to second guess ourselves abound. When hostilities, complications, or other setbacks occur, including others not trusting us or discouraging us, we tend to want to give up and flee. The story reminds us to obey the ancient writings and pray alone and with others. When everything goes wrong, when we feel hated and alone, we wonder where is God. Regardless of our age, as seen through the mother and son, walking in faith requires varying measures of faith. Are we willing to pay the costs even when it means sacrificing our life? This book keeps you on the edge of your seat for a wild ride to the end. It’s told through the mom and son’s points of view. Thankfully, I read all four, one right after the other because it ends in a cliff hanger again.

The Deliverer

In the final book, The Deliverer, Susan’s adventures with her husband and son and the people of Lyric get wrapped up. The distrust and falling away from the Truth and all the fighting and factions in this fantasy world reflected upon the quarrelling and confusion experienced now in our own world. I find this remarkable given the book was published in 2015, long before these pandemic and political issues became an ugly, constant reality. Susan’s feelings capture a mom’s feelings about moving into new stages in life and letting children go to live their own adult lives. Hearing God and taking those scary, unsteady, doubt-filled first steps continues to be a theme in this book. It’s encouraging to be reminded that these thoughts, feelings, and choices we wrestle with are normal, understandable, and forgivable by our all-knowing Creator. Of course, Hinck leaves us wondering if she will start a new series about the young Deliverer.

Invitation to read about restorers

Be sure to let your lights shine for Jesus. Be brave like our Restorer friends and share the Good News for God’s glory. Trust that God will take us where we need to go and that He will bring us through the painful, difficult trials we face.

Fiction makes learning and exploring fun.

I invite you to find copies of these books, to live an adventure through the pages and to be encouraged that you are loved and what you offer—great and small—matters—even without sword battles and fighting corruption.

What faith boosting or restoring novels do you recommend? What have you learned through a recent time reading? Do you recognize a restorer in your life?

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    1. Since one of the POV characters is a teen preparing to go to college, I think YA readers might enjoy this fantasy series too. After you read the series, let me know your thoughts. 🙂 Thanks for taking time to join the conversation, Jill.

  1. The books sound really interesting. I’m not a fan of Science Fiction, but then years ago, I got caught up in The Hunger Games and loved the series and the movies.

    1. Thanks, Deb. I hadn’t read much fantasy until the last year. Friends make recommendations, and voila! Here I am. 🙂 I love a good story, so I have been discovering them in different genres. If you read them, let me know your thoughts. Have a wonderful week.

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