Castle of Refuge fun read for teen girls

Castle of Refuge fun read for teen girls

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Castle of Refuge, the second book in the Dericott Tale series by Melanie Dickerson, picks up the story of Edwin, Lord Dericott, after he returns home to his castle after losing an arm.

Castle of Refuge Melanie Dickerson

I learned from this novel that if you lose your arm, you have trouble with balance for a while. I never considered this before. This fact made me more aware of the consequences of an amputation.

The hero and heroine wrestle with self-perception and self-confidence issues based on their perceived deformities. Edwin, of course, has no arm, thus sword fighting, horseback riding, running—all the things he did with ease before his mishap—rise up as embarrassing weaknesses. Can he be a whole man without his arm? Could any lady love a man who couldn’t embrace her with two arms?

As Edwin struggles with this new inferiority complex, Audrey fights her own insecurities. Her sister, Maris, tries to destroy her any way she can. In one failed attempt, Audrey suffers burns which leave her scarred. Although beautiful, she believes herself ugly, unwanted, without an opportunity to fulfill her personal dreams. Edwin vows to protect Audrey, yet Audrey’s very existence puts those she cares about in serious danger.

Both must learn to trust God and trust their instincts. They both wonder what their purpose could be and feel they are ugly and destined to be alone.

Dickerson weaves this sweet romance in while the characters grow in confidence and boldness.

Audrey wants to do the right thing, but anxieties and doubts battle her, causing her to second guess. Anytime one second guesses, trouble abounds. Perhaps there’s a little bit of Audrey in you?

If you love happily-ever-after tales in a clean romance, check out Castle of Refuge. This novel is set in England during the Middle Ages. I like stepping back into history and imagining the life in the castle, the clothes of the characters. Their troubles are so different than our modern troubles in some ways, but in others all too familiar.

You may know the story ends on a happy, hopeful note, but getting there keeps you reading. Maris is a very determined villain.

Happy reading.

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  1. So glad you’re blogging again! I love Melanie Dickerson’s work. Can’t wait to read this latest book.

    1. Thanks, Jill. I hope you get a chance to read it soon. In April, the Storyteller Squad highlighted the first in the series, Court of Swans. If you read that one, you’ll like continuing the story of Edwin. 🙂

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