Novel about demons releases in time for Halloween

Novel about demons releases in time for Halloween

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Novel About Demons Releases in time for Halloween

Just in time for Halloween, I have a scary novel to recommend: The Demons Among Us.

Young fans of Frank Peretti will want to grab a copy of Jill K. Willis’ novel, The Demons Among Us. This intense YA story pulled me in so much that sometimes I’d forget it was fiction. Some large black birds flew over my house one day, which reminded me of the nasty demons, which had me telling me kids about the book I was reading. Of course, sharing about books is common at my house from all of us. That’s why my TBR pile is so high!

About The Demons Among Us

Siblings Daniel and Joy wrestle with their own personal struggles and choices when an angel visits them in Joy’s room to warn them against Hunter, an upperclassman and jock at their high school, who seems cool and popular, but who has a demon living in him.  Their parents confirm the existence of demons when they tell them about how demons once tried to destroy their town. Well, the scary beings are back, and they intend to take the souls of as many as they can, including many of Daniel and Joy’s friends.

This scary novel gets one thinking about Satan’s sneaky ways of getting us going down a road we never intended to follow. He uses our goals like dancing in Paris, being valedictorian, playing soccer as the star athlete, getting the star part in a play to hook us. But demons lie and destroy, and they cannot make promises to fulfill dreams or give eternal life on earth. Demons equal death.

Characters relatable

It’s easy to identify with Daniel and Joy. They want to fit in. They don’t want to get their friends in trouble so they overlook dangerous activities. Sometimes we avoid getting involved with the excuse of not interfering. No matter what your age, doing the right thing takes courage and conviction because no one likes to be left out. Everyone makes choices they regret. The thing is to learn from the mistakes and grow stronger for the experience. Satan seeks to shame people so they don’t share.

We can only do our best to warn others about the demons in life. Sometimes they listen. Sometimes they don’t. Obedience to the conviction, and in this case, the angel, saves us. In some instances, the saving comes later, not in the moment, but God is faithful.

I like how the characters are stretched to trust and to obey even when the moment is super scary and might end in death.

Two vices mentioned in the story are drug use and seduction.

I recommend this clean read for teen readers. You might see some people you know within its pages. Living through their adventure might give you some ideas on how to resist the demons attacking you or your friends.

Where to find The Demons Among Us

The Demons Among Us, a speculative, young adult, Christian novel by Jill K. Willis, launched recently through Redemption Press. This award-winning novel is available as an e-book or in hard or soft cover at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Visit here for a signed copy.  

You can follow Jill on these social media platforms: Facebook Author page — @JillKWillis.Writer; Instagram — @jillkwillis; and Goodreads — jill_willis.

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What book are you reading now?

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