In Hesitant Heroes Teens Face Fears to Save Lives

In Hesitant Heroes Teens Face Fears to Save Lives

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A YA Novel Review

Teens Face Fears to Save Lives in Hesitant Heroes

In Hesitant Heroes by Sharon Rene, a group of teens discover their school is involved in an evil plot to assassinate a key political figure, and the administration intends to blame the Christian students, who have disappeared. As the teens discover more, the danger escalates, especially since traitors exist around them. A slip would get them all killed.

I liked the intense plot of this speculative novel for teens. The story pulled me in with its different layers. As I would be if I found myself in such a predicament, the likeable characters wrestle with doubts, insecurities, and other emotions as they get deeper into the crisis. Relationships and love interests are challenged. Should they keep a stoic façade or share their vulnerable hearts?

I appreciated that each person contributed to the cause with his or her unique talent/gift. Examples of gifts included expertise in martial arts and weaponry, yet others specialized with interacting with animals.

A gentle reminder to take our eyes off ourselves

Characters also work through how they think about their fellow teammates.  What you see on the outside, isn’t always what’s on the inside. It’s a good lesson in getting to know someone and not judge about an external persona. For example, some stereotypes lump a beautiful person into categories where their intellect isn’t as keen as a less beautiful person. Insecurities rise up, and the less beautiful person thinks she’s not sought after as much or that everything comes easy for attractive people. Not so. Every person wrestles with her own doubts, struggles, weaknesses, temptations, etc. Since we see this with different characters, readers realize they can step out of their own comfort zones to initiate conversations. Maybe Mr. Tough Guy wishes someone cool like you would talk to him. One never knows until she takes that courageous step.

The author does a beautiful job of balancing all the tensions and bringing the story to a satisfying conclusion. In fact, the conclusion leaves me wondering if I’ll see these characters in another page-turning sequel. I hope so!

Where to find Hesitant Heroes

This YA novel is available online in Kindle and paperback formats at Amazon and from Anaiah Press. I purchased mine as a paperback so that my teens may read it at school. At our school, reading on devices is prohibited except for textbooks. Paperbacks are easier to share with their friends also.

I hope that you’ll share a copy of Hesitant Heroes with the teens in your life. As you know, I want to share with you clean reads. For more books for kids 8-18, check out the Storyteller Squad website.

Please share your own favorites in the comments. Many parents and grandparents seek recommended novels for middle grade and young adult readers.

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  1. Insightful review, Michelle. If I had teen children, grandchildren or great grandchildren, I would definitely be interested in gifting them with this book.

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