Tinsel in a Twist Christmas Tale Full of Encouraging Truths

Tinsel in a Twist Christmas Tale Full of Encouraging Truths

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Tinsel in a Twist

Tinsel in a Twist by Laurie Germaine continues the story of Tinsel, the Christmas elf from Tinsel in a Tangle, a YA novel I raved about in February. Just in time for the holidays, the second novel arrives, just as endearing. Tinsel travels with Niklas and Santa and Mrs. Claus to Germany for Niklas’ initiation ceremony, but the anticipated fun trip turns into a nightmare. Tinsel loses her talent, Niklas’ ex-fiancé intends to steal him back, the sought-after Silver Reindeer alludes them, and her allies disappear in a hostile, foreign place. Tinsel’s confidence erodes fast, yet her strong character resists repression. If she doesn’t fight to save Christmas, who will?

Christmas references

Before reading this novel, I never heard of Krampus and Krampusnacht. This once banned tradition, which is making a comeback in parts of Europe and America, leads up to the Feast of Saint Nicholas. This troubling news adds to the tension in the novel since herein lies the enemy of Christmas.

Not only do I find the main characters—Niklas, Tinsel, Gina, and Kristof—relatable and likeable, I love the overall way the story is told. Laurie created a fun trait of those who live in Santa’s village. They say lots of Christmas exclamations and winter references like crumbling candy canes! Fruitcake! Muddy snowballs! Ribbons and bows!

Mutti’s Kandi Cups sound so delicious, I wish I could buy one at The Flaky Crust.

The creative business names, exclamations, and reindeer banter with Tinsel break up the intense mystery with some light-hearted relief as one slips deeper into the story of how will Christmas be saved when everything is going wrong. Who is this evil Krampus? How will Christmas be saved? Even Santa is missing as Christmas creeps closer.

I, of course, love the sweet romances.

Sample novel quotes that encourage

Most of all, the encouragements found within the pages of this novel stand out. Everyone needs to hear these truths because we all get attacked by something similar to mistlefoil. Here are some quotes I singled out.

Kristof: “The myth is in thinking Krampus wants people to behave. Just as Santa is a man on a mission to spread the true Spirit of Christmas—the Hope, Love, Peace, and Freedom found therein—Krampus is on a mission to spread chaos, lies, panic and fear.”

 Kristof: “The Krampuses don’t care about endearment, as long as the end result is the same. It’s easier to sway people’s support and influence their conduct through fear and lies than trying to earn their loyalty.”

Kristof: “Like the elves, you were created with unique talents. Don’t be a paler version of your potential because someone once pushed you down in order to prop themselves up.”

Tinsel: “Doubting our abilities and talents paralyzes us from honing our skills. When we fear the ‘what ifs,’ we avoid taking risks. Without risks, we don’t grow.”

Kristof: “And a town comprised of insecure, skeptical, inward-focused citizens is vulnerable to an outward attack.”

Tinsel: “Seeds of doubt and fear, Kristof said. Growing into lies. A vicious cycle on repeat. ‘Break the cycle,’ I mumble. ‘Combat the lies with the truth.’”

Niklas: “We learn from our past mistakes and move into our future with a little more humility and a lot more wisdom. And we cling to truth, Tins. Truth will always vanquish the lies in the end.”

Niklas: “I had to exercise faith in that truth, however, and view myself through the lens of my potential rather than my inadequacies, before I was set free to experience it.”

Tinsel in a Twist relates to readers

In the novel, like in life, a real war wages in our thought life. Wise people take these thoughts captive and replace them with truths, but everyone struggles with this at times.

Another point many people wrestle with is how much to share about themselves. Sometimes like Gina we neglect to share something about ourselves out of fear of rejection, but the truth is always best. Holding information back tends to always backfire. The author captures emotions well.

The novel sprinkles German phrases throughout. A glossary in the back defines the phrases. This adds to the charm of this fantasy, but sometimes I was taken out of the story to find out what was said.

I highly recommend the Tinsel books as Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, just a gift to yourself any time. The priceless truths buried within the story add to an already amazing read.

For an interesting interview with the author, please visit the Storyteller Squad blog by Jill Willis. It’s full of lots of fun sneak peeks into the creation of this wonderful Christmas tale.

Oh, man. I’ve caught some Christmas spirit early. That’s a great thing. So, go on now—spread some Christmas cheer, read Tinsel in a Twist.

Book photo by Laurie Germaine.

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  1. Thanks, Michelle. I am considering ordering both of Laurie’s Tinsel books for my thirteen-year-great granddaughter. Can I assume that they are appropriate for a thirteen-year-old?

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