How to break away from negative thinking

How to break away from negative thinking

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Do you want to break away from negative thinking? For as long as I can remember, negative, anxious, and critical thoughts beat me up inside. I’m better than I used to be, certainly, but it would be wonderful to not have such thoughts at all.  I’ve talked to other women, who seem to struggle with the same issues, so I thought it was just a female state of mind. Yet, that didn’t settle right either.

When life gets unsettled for some reason, that’s when the battles intensify. If I seek assurance from my husband, he just throws up his hands in exasperation and wonders aloud where I get these crazy ideas. Honestly, they just show up. Somehow, he doesn’t get it. Yet I know others do understand.

How I joined the Launch Team

So, in late August, when I received an invitation to participate on Sarah Geringer’s launch team for her recent release of Transforming Your Thought Life, Christian Meditation in Focus, I thought right away that this book might be one that leads my thoughts in a more positive direction.  (Leafwood Publishers, an imprint of Abilene Christian University Press, Abilene, Texas, published Transforming Your Thought Life, which was released in stores on October 1).

I received an invitation because Sarah’s Tea on Tuesdays arrives weekly in my inbox, thus I’m on her mailing list of subscribers. Soon, a confirmation set me on the exciting adventure of helping her get word out about her book. My followers on Facebook and Twitter saw my multiple posts and tweets praising the book as I read my Advanced Reader Copy. A few weeks ago, I posted an interview with Sarah about the book.

My review of the book

Yes! I recommend this book. It is a well-written, relatable book that’s like getting a personal pep talk from a friend, with the talks concluding with heart-felt prayers. In the 17 chapters, she covers careless, negative, anxious, self-critical, critical of others, fearful, idolatrous, guilty, discontent, impure, painful, defeated, regretful, angry, unforgiving, self-focused, and untrue thoughts. The last chapter wraps them all up perfectly with a verse that sums up the entire book.

Sarah Geringer shares her personal struggles with such thoughts before sharing Scriptures to combat these thoughts. She encourages us with her successes and illustrations of transformation and reminds us how it’s a lifelong quest. We improve, but there are times when we need to refresh ourselves with another long drink from Scripture. She explains how to meditate on the verses.

I love reading books with lots of Scripture because just reading them brings hope and encouragement, plants the seeds of change. Now, that I’ve finished the book and highlighted it once, I’m going to go back and use it with my daily devotions to meditate longer on the verses she provides. Then, after those are well established in my thought patterns, I will continue on to add verses of my own. I see this book as a handy companion to read over and over.

We can read it in order or go to the chapter that highlights a current struggle in negative thinking and stay there for a while. This book provides the tools to restructure your thought life, thus changing your outlook, mood, life course. Because, where your thoughts are, you shall follow.

Book packed with great advice

Sarah said it best in her book: “The scriptures are our main source of hope (Rom. 15:4). They teach us God’s truth, provide us with the power to endure through trials, and give us encouragement for moving forward. Study and meditate on them daily to keep your mind fixed on the future where hope resides. You’ll find no hope in past regrets, but you will find hope in the promises of God for both the present and the future.”

Her book is packed with great advice on breaking away from negative thinking. She is right. Meditating on Scripture and “anchoring your mind, heart, and soul” on God’s Word is where we need to be daily, for when our foundation is firm in Him, the winds may blow and try to knock us down, but we won’t be beaten down. By clinging to the only One who can save us and take care of us, we are kept safe. We can’t overcome such thoughts alone. We’re not strong enough. However, Jesus is our Hope. He is strong enough. Replace the negative, death giving thoughts with His positive, life giving ones.

I hope you’ll join me and get yourself a copy of Transforming Your Thought Life. What other books have you read that encourage you to meditate on Scripture?

For additional information, please read the interview in this blog from a few weeks ago:

You may also enjoy visiting the author at

Stop negative thinking by meditating on Scripture.
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2 Replies to “How to break away from negative thinking”

  1. This really resonated with me, since my granddaughter has PTSD, and has *triggers.* I wish I could get her to think what God would say to change her perspective. Meanwhile, *I* do the best I can.

    1. I am praying for you both. We need God’s help to change our thinking, that is for certain. Perhaps you could start with a daily text of a short verse that will help her to hide it in her heart so slowly she will begin to know she is never alone. For example in Isaiah 43:2 it says not to be afraid when you go through deep waters and great trouble because God will be with you. Just a thought, my friend. I know it takes time, and we wish for immediate freedom. Thanks for commenting.

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