Send Me song brings reflection

Send Me song brings reflection

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Have you ever wrestled with purpose? I often pray, “Send me,” but do I realize what I’m asking?

The song Send Me by Crossroads caused me to pause. They released it earlier this year, but I only heard it last month. Listen to it now while reading the lyrics.

Once I whispered, “Send me.” With palms open, I still say, “I will go. I will follow.” This song resonates within me. (I mentioned sending me in this blog, published July 12, 2018, and this blog, published July 19, 2018, so it isn’t a new thought with me.)

Take a step out

I stand here wondering which way to go, what to do. I guess I will just take a step and see where it leads. Frightening, yet exhilarating. Unbridled trust. An underlying fear that maybe I misunderstand persists. What can it mean? Stepping out takes courage.

Listen to the words. What do they say to you? Through tears I commit. Tears accompany as I wait.

“Lord, send me. Use me,” I pray. May my life have purpose and meaning and bring You glory.

Comfort us and bring us peace on this journey.

Everything is in God’s hands. My life. Your life. The lives of those we love. My fingers loosen to release all. I tend to want to grab it back, hold it close, but why? No power exists within me to make this mighty change. Perhaps letting go brings less stress?

What does it mean?

Perhaps I complicate something simple?

For me, to be sent means that I will be used to do something bigger than myself each day along this journey called life.

Does your heart cry out, “Send me?”

Send me

Maybe being sent by God to do some wonderful work isn’t something huge, but a number of small acts. Perhaps surrendering and laying down everything, giving it all to Jesus, proclaiming literally that all is His, opens the door to greater things, to the truly sent goals. Letting go of the familiar and of dreams troubles me. But can I declare I will follow if I don’t?

Still I feel stirred.

What does being sent mean to you?

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